Are They "The One"?

It’s a massive question to ask yourself, and it can take a huge amount of soul searching to get to the bottom of. You can worry yourself silly if you have a slight inkling of being unsure, but we all have doubts about things in our lives, so don’t panic about it. But if you do find that you're going over certain worries, again and again, ask yourself these questions to get to the bottom of that burning issue.

Can You Picture A Future Together?
Detail is important. Can you see yourself getting old, co-habiting, or even bickering together? We all have an idealized vision of the perfect relationship, but there's no such thing. Now that’s out of the way, the real question is if you're perfect for each other. If you can, then maybe it’s time to press on and take the next step and look for engagement rings and start to pick out the perfect diamond, which is that “official” next rung of the ladder. But if you find yourself struggling with something like that, can you picture having all of the other things together? From a family to a large home and all the trimmings? It’s something to start considering if you haven’t really thought about it at this stage.

How Do They Treat Your Family?
This can be a massive deal breaker. When you're in the early months of a relationship, up to the first year, it can be easy to keep yourself guarded from what you're really like, and once the honeymoon period is over, you sort of get out of that relationship bubble you were living in and have made the progression to the “real world.” You know, bills, money problems, and life, which includes meeting the family. So, do they treat their family well or not? It might not be relevant to your own personal situation, but how they treat their family is a signifier of how they will treat you in the future. It’s an oft-overlooked point right at the start of a relationship, but an important one nonetheless. If you start a family together, you need them to be caring and considerate, but that’s merely scratching the surface when it comes to finding someone to spend your whole life with.

Do You Balance Each Other Out?
Looking at things like values and approaches to life, it’s not an alarm bell if you're different from each other. In fact, this can be a blessing in disguise if you're not like each other on the surface. The reality of a relationship isn’t all happy selfies and cuddles, but it’s much deeper than that. You need to balance each other out in one way or another, whether that is morally, mentally, or politically, it makes life much more interesting. The One is a broad term, and you can ask a million questions to yourself, but this is probably the most important one. The relationship bubble only exists for a short period of time, and this can be when a relationship fizzles out or goes to the next level. The key word is “relate,” and this needs to be considered above everything else.

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