Climbing Into The Customer's Pocket With The Magic Of An App

Every modern business needs to stay in constant contact with its consumer base to stay relevant in their fast-paced lives. An absolute no brainer is to become somehow, a part of their daily lives. The obvious technique to achieve this is to climb into their pocket, figuratively speaking. Almost every single person on the high street has a smartphone and has access to the internet via WiFi or contract data allowance powered by 4G. But for a startup business, there are other costs that might be weighing heavily on your mind that may persuade you to put off creating your own app. Without an app, no one knows who you are except your loyal fans and your clients in the industry. In order to expand physically in the real-world, you must first expand in the digital world. This is the precise reason why you are going to need your own dedicated app, so that you have a way to stand out from the crowd, and entice new customers. 

Staying in Their Mind’s Eye
Marketing experts agree that the average time spent on mobile devices is increasing because more and more people around the developing world have economies that are flourishing. The latest statistics suggest that in the US, people spend around one and a half hours, on their smartphones every single day. In more cases, only the most well-designed apps are downloaded onto smartphones permanently. Having an app for your business allows customers to check for updates to your product or service. They can access your business online anytime they want; whether they’re at home watching T.V., in a train on their daily commute, or at the park enjoying the sun. Being constantly in touch with your customers, you can slowly become a part of their daily lives, and thus, a stable connection with consumers is born. 

Offer Them Something Different 
Customers don’t want stale and pale apps that don’t excite them. Your app needs to have an intricate design so that you stand out from your competition. Think about the color scheme, the size of the button compared to the average smartphone’s screen for ease of use, think about the correct amount of pages and the bitesize information you want to display. Some of the best app developers, will sit down with you and formulate the best way to incorporate your logo, design your app to fit the latest Google Play Store updates, Android and Apple systems and if you want, create a game for your business. Games are perhaps the best way to interact with your customers and potential customers because you give them a goal to achieve with an immediate reward. You can incorporate questions about your business into the game, which will require users to research into your business in the first place to get the correct answer. 

When customers access your app, you could ask them to sign up to your website through the app, so that they can access the full list of features. When they do, you get a plethora of information about them regarding their age, gender, and common interests. Just by users connecting and using your app, your business will gain so much information about who, what, when and why people use your products and services. It’s like having a questionnaire, without asking any questions, as apps have a user rating section, consumers can rate your products and leave comments to help you cater to their needs and wants the next time around; giving you a better-targeted marketing strategy.