Create a Peaceful Area in Your Home in Less than One Day

As life can seem to demand so much from us on a day to day basis, it’s never been more important to have a space that we can truly relax in, unwind and disconnect from the daily challenges of life. If you have been thinking about how to go about creating a quiet, relaxing and peaceful area in your home, read on for our super simple tips on how to transform a space in your home, purely dedicated to you and your wellbeing. 

Calming Colours
One of the biggest influences on our mood, in terms of our surroundings, is colour. As this space is purely for your relaxation you will want to opt for soothing and calming colours, usually these are light shades which make the space look calm and uncomplicated. Very light pastels work well, or if you're not into adding colour to your home neutrals are always a safe choice. It doesn't take long to add a coat of paint to walls, but if that's not something you want to do you could build the colour scheme with accessories instead. 

Bringing Nature Indoors
Plants and flowers also have a huge impact on the way we feel. Being surrounded by nature can provide us with a very restful and peaceful frame of mind, so it is essential that you consider the different ways that you can bring fresh flowers and plants into your relaxation area. Perhaps you are a great lover of fresh flowers and want to bring in a weekly bouquet to bring a freshness to this area. Perhaps you are really into meditation and feel that a Tiny Trees bonsai plant would perfectly finish off your meditation area. Maybe you love the look and feel of larger green plants that offer a freshness to any space. So really think about the types of plants that best reflect what you want out of this area and how different plants and flowers make you feel.

Relaxation and comfort go hand in hand. So any relaxation area must come with soft textures and indulgent textiles. You will want to be thinking about the types of cushions, throws and blankets that you can add to this area to make it as welcoming and cosy as possible. Although a relaxation area should generally be in calming colours, you can really afford to go to town on the textures for this area and experiment with bold colours and rich textiles.

Fragrance has been scientifically proven to have a direct effect on our mood. Therefore you will want to find ways to bring beautiful, indulgent and fresh fragrances into this area. Scented candles, aromatherapy oil lamps and plug in air fresheners will allow you to create a wonderfully fragranced area that always smells fresh and inviting. 

Natural Objects
Surrounding ourselves with beautiful natural objects can bring a sense of happiness as we think of happy times or beautiful calm places. Shells, pebbles, pine cones and dried flowers are all fantastic objects to display in any calming space to really create a soothing and welcoming space.

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