Five Reasons Your Utility Bills Are So High

You’ve just received your energy bills and the figures are astronomical. How did you use up so much energy? If you’ve currently found yourself in this situation, here are several reasons as to why your bills may be so high and how you can prevent future bills causing the same reaction.

Your Home Isn’t Insulated Enough
If your home is constantly cold, you’ll be reaching for the thermostat more and racking up a higher gas bill. Rather than having to wear a hat and gloves indoors, the solution could simply be to insulate your home so that the heat stays trapped in and drafts have less of a chance to get in. You may be able to hire a handyman to insulate your home by installing double glazing, adding in loft insulation, adding in cavity wall insulation and fixing any big cracks. Alternatively, if you’re a dab hand at DIY, you may be able to buy such materials yourself from companies such as (although beware of cracks that may need more than simply caulking up).

Your Electric Appliances Use Up Too Much Power
Some appliances, particularly older ones, aren’t particularly energy efficient. You can use up less electricity by opting for energy saving devices. Look out for the Energy Star logo when buying new appliances such as fridges, dishwashers and washing machines.

You’ve Been Too Loyal to one Provider
Loyalty has its bonuses in some areas of life, but rarely pays off when it comes to energy suppliers. Your energy supplier may have raised their rates, resulting in your higher bills. Many energy suppliers will offer cheaper rates for new customers, which means that it’s often beneficial to switch provider every couple years. Companies such as can help compare prices and get you the best deal out there. You should also try ringing up your provider to leave and see if they offer you any incentives to stay.

There’s Been a Billing Error
Billing errors aren’t as infrequent as you think. If the figures simply don’t add up, it is possible that you could have been overcharged. Energy consultants can help you to negotiate a claim if you believe this to be so – it’s certainly worth ringing up your provider. Such billing errors can be avoided by installing an energy monitor that tells you exactly how much energy you’re using at all times. Smart meters communicate straight back to your provider, further preventing any mistakes.

There’s Been a Leak
If none of the other reasons seem likely, it’s possible that there could be a leak. This can be very dangerous – especially a gas leak. Turn off the gas if you suspect there to be a leak, open windows and call up an engineer to take a look. Electrical leaks are also possible, due to faulty wiring and may require an electrician to locate. You can spot leaks early with a carbon monoxide monitor or by simply installing an energy meter and recording any random rises in usage.

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