Five Ways to Deal with Workplace Frustration

Every job comes with a certain level of frustration. Whether you’re just having a bad day and nothing seems to be working for you, or your job is one big ball of frustration all of the time, you need to be able to deal with your emotions. Pent up frustration can lead to angry outbursts and making decisions that you regret. If you’re finding work particularly frustrating at the moment, here are some tips on how to keep yourself calm.

Focus on the Positive
When you’re feeling frustrated, it can seem like everything is negative. From your boss getting on your last nerves to the coffee machine not working, it can feel like nothing's going right. However, that’s often untrue. If you stop long enough to take a breath, it’ll be easier to look inside your mind and figure out what’s going right. Ask yourself, why is it going right? Is there something you’re doing differently? Just a five-minute meditation on the positive things in your life will give you better chance at getting through your working day.

Ask for Help
There are some things we just can’t do on our own. Asking for help doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it just means you’re making use of other people’s skills. Whether there’s a drawer stuck in the filing cabinet or you need IT support to fix your computer, getting frustrated and trying to do everything by yourself isn’t a good solution. If you’re finding your job too difficult, you may need to speak to your employer about further training or some guidance from someone else in your workplace. Look for long-term solutions instead ones that will tide you over.

Simplify Things
When you’re in midst of feeling frustrated, it can cloud your judgement. Suddenly, the easiest of tasks becomes mammoth and everything else gets harder as the day goes on. Take a step back from what you’re doing and take five deep breaths. Our minds have a habit of complicating things when we’re under stress, so it’s important for you to try and simplify the problem. You don’t need to smash a jar on the floor if the lid won’t open; it may just need a gentle tap.

Don’t Let It Beat You
Major frustration can make you feel like giving up. If you’ve worked on something for a long time and all you’ve got out of it is frustration, you’re not likely to want to try again. Unfortunately, many people tend to give up just when they’re on the brink of success. Keep taking little steps forward and you should eventually see progress. Your victories will spur you on to fight another day.

Visualise Success
Success isn’t something that lands in your lap. You have to work for it. When achieving success becomes frustrating, it can help to visualise what you want. Visualising is a way of calling forth success, but you won’t get it unless you act. Visualisation is a form of encouragement and a way of staying positive during the hardest of times.

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