How Effective Are Non Surgical Hair Replacement Systems?

Whether you're male or female, suffering with a hair loss problem can be devastating. Our hair is such a big part of our identity, and so losing it can be extremely traumatic. Sometimes (especially in men) losing hair is part of the natural aging process. It's suggested that most men have some degree of hair loss by the age of thirty five, so if yours is thinning or balding you're certainly in good company. 

In the mean time, there are ways you can disguise hair loss to bring back your confidence and help you feel like yourself again. These days, hair replacement systems are so natural it's not easy to tell if someone is wearing them. Due to better research and materials being used, they're a far cry from the old toupe's of years gone by. Today hair replacement isn't just restricted to toupees or wigs, companies have managed to develop and evolve the industry dramatically. Newhairline is one place where you can find genuine, natural hair replacement systems online. Right now, the industry offers the following two types of systems for hair replacement:

Custom Type and Stock Type.
When you're buy a custom hair piece, your loss pattern, hair line, hair texture and the size of your hair loss are all taken into consideration- giving you a perfect fit. The hairpiece blends with your natural hair making it look virtually undetectable. Of course, this kind of custom piece will be more expensive. Stock types on the other hand are made in mass, and while they will be cheaper to buy you might not always get a perfect match. Weigh up the pros and cons to decide which would be the best choice for you. 

Secured Attachment
Currently, people make use of different methods for attaching their hair pieces. These can include tape, clips and glue. These methods are very effective and offer full security in 95 percent cases, while ensuring you get a natural looking finish. Some of the hair systems are so effective you would never spot someone was wearing one. At you have plenty of options to choose from with a wide variety available. 

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