Nice Day For A White Wedding: Common Things Any Bride Can Forget

Planning a wedding is a really exciting journey to embark on. From the moment you get that ring on your finger the adrenalin kicks in. You purchase the magazines, maybe buy yourself a dedicated planner for the job and you set to work on setting your date and trying on your dream wedding dress. However, it can also be very overwhelming, especially as time ticks on closer to the big day. With appointments to maintain and decisions to make consistently, it’s easy to forget some of the finer details of your big day. Or perhaps place less focus on them. But, these details can be just as important. So I thought I would share with you some of the most common things brides can forget. 

Wedding Favours
Wedding favours are amongst the things most brides forget. It’s understandable. If it isn’t forgotten, it’s normally a last minute decision on what you do. Pinterest can offer plenty of inspiration for some gorgeous handmade or purchased ideas. But yet we forget to organise them. The best way to combat that is to organise them as soon as possible or delegate the job to a bridesmaid or family member. 

The Groom’s Outfit
What about the groom? We spend much of our time agonising over the dress. The accessories that will go with it and let’s not even mention the shoes. But the groom’s outfit can be left behind, unless, of course, you have a groom that is very involved in the planning. However, spend some time thinking about the suit and what he might where. You may even want to have a company tailor a suit specifically. Making his suit just as personalised and as memorable for him as your dress is for you. It’s his day too, after all. 

Thinking about transport leads us on to the next thing that most brides forget. Accommodation. This isn’t for themselves either; this is for the guests. Some brides don’t take into account where their guests will stay when choosing a venue. Your guests will most likely want to relax and enjoy a drink or two at your reception. So taking the stress out of where they will be staying would be a nice touch. This means they don’t have to worry about driving home or leaving the celebration early. 

Guestbooks and Pens
It’s always nice to have a memento from your guests about your big day. But many brides forget to have a guestbook and pen available for the guests to make a comment. These snippets of notes will invaluable for you remembering your day in years to come. 

Charging Phones and Cameras
It’s easy to forget the little things on your big day. Chargers for phones and cameras is one of them. You don’t want any reason not to be able to capture your day. So make sure you have your chargers firmly in place on such occasions that they are running low. 

Thank You Notes
Finally, the last things most brides forget is to send thank you notes after the big day. It’s easy to feel a little down that the wedding is over, which is why thank you notes can be an afterthought or forgotten in the first place. It’s a nice courtesy to say thank you for attending and also a thank you for a gift. If you received one.

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