Stylish Storage Solutions For Cluttered Bedrooms

Does your bedroom look like a bomb site? Is the clutter disturbing your opportunity to relax and take it easy? Some people are naturally very organised and tidy, but others have to work harder. If this sounds like you, taking the time to get your surroundings in order will not only be practical but make you feel better mentally too. As they say- tidy room, tidy mind. Here are some ideas for tackling the job.

Sort Out Your Wardrobe
First of all, it’s time to test your decision making by taking a look at your bedroom, and in particular, your wardrobe. Pull out all your clothes, and anything else you might keep in there, and go through all of it piece by piece. If you haven’t worn any of it for the past year, ask yourself if you really need it. If not, give it away to a charity store or member of your family or friendship circle. You will be surprised at how much rubbish you keep in your wardrobe, and the space you free up will make an instant impact. The key thing to remember is that don’t refill your wardrobe with unnecessary clutter. 

Invest In Above Bed Space
The vast majority of people have large swathes of space available in their bedrooms - they just have to look in the right place. Take above your bed, for example. It is possible to buy some smart and stylish storage and install it above and behind your headboard. Thin units could be used to hold your shoes, or you could even use them as a bedroom bookcase. 

Buy Multi-Use Units
Most bedrooms have wardrobes and a set of drawers - perhaps even a few chairs or seating options. But if you are feeling hemmed in and are tired of a messy room, consider looking for multi-use pieces that can double up as seating and storage. A made to measure blanket box is a perfect solution to sit at the bottom of your bed. If you have some DIY skills, you could create a platform bed over your drawers or cupboards, too. And any area of wall space could be the right place for built-in solutions that double up as storage and surfaces. 

Display Your Stuff Properly
You don’t have to hide all your possessions away in your bedroom, of course. And if you love your shoes or little nick-nacks, why not have them on show permanently? However, it's important to go about this the right way. Lots of smaller items can look cluttered, so how about grouping them together on a tray? This is useful for things like perfume or small accessories. A few simple, slimline bookcases covering a primary wall can double up as a storage unit and a display feature at the same time. 

Centre Your Bed
If you put your bed in the middle of the room, you free up space on every wall. Fix a headboard like wall to give you some storage above your bed, and then install hideaway units all the way around the bedroom. With a little smart lighting, you can create a beautiful, intimate space for sleeping that is both cosy and sensible. 

Do you have any bedroom clutter problems? Or have you been through clutter hell and come up with a solution? 

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