Techniques for the Top Eyebrow Trends of The Year

Eyebrows have been getting fuller and thicker in recent years, and nowadays every beauty blogger, makeup artist and celebrity seems to be obsessed with perfecting their arches. As a result, thousands of brow products have flooded the market, and last year, it was reported that women in the UK spent £20 million on eyebrow products alone. Gone are the barely-there eyebrows of the nineties, and in their place are the top eyebrow trends of the year; these are the straight a la Kendall Jenner brows, slightly rounded like Gigi Hadid, and full and natural brows similar to Lily Collins’ arches. Most celebrities employ the help of brow gurus and makeup artists to keep their eyebrows flawless, but you too can be on-trend and have well-shaped arches by following these tips.

Full and Natural
Full and natural eyebrows can give you a younger look and are low maintenance as they only require minimal shaping. However, if you’ve been tweezing, waxing, or threading your eyebrows for years, it’s likely that your brows are not as thick as they once were and need a little help. To get fuller and thicker eyebrows, you can try to use an eyebrow growth serum on sparse areas to boost hair growth. Keep in mind that it may take about sixty days to restore the appearance of your brows. While waiting for your eyebrows to get thicker, you can fake the look of full and natural brows with brow powder. Simply use a stiff angled brush to apply the powder to your brows, using light strokes as you go. Don’t fill in the inside corners of your brows too much, and try not to exaggerate the tips. Finish by delicately brushing your brows with a spoolie brush to pick up any excess powder.

Straight Brows
This brow shape is not only favoured by supermodels, but it’s also a hit among Korean women as it gives them a softer, more wholesome, and younger look. Western women are also obsessed with having straight brows as it gives the face a lift, and this brow shape somehow imparts a fresher look. However, not everyone can pull it off as it’s more suited for women with delicate features. To recreate Jenner’s brows, brush eyebrow hairs down using a spoolie brush. Dip an angled brush into some brow gel, then draw a straight line along the base of the brow using the orbital bone as a guide. Using the same brush, push the gel upward through the brow hairs, making sure to follow the direction of your hair’s growth. Finish by brushing a bit of eyebrow highlighter to make your brows look more natural.

Rounded Brows
Gigi Hadid has naturally rounded brows, and she once said that she never lets anyone shape them. You can recreate the model’s eyebrows with a brow pencil. Soften any hard angles on top of the brow and under with short, hair-like flicks of the pencil. Brush brows lightly with a spoolie to blend pencil lines, taking care not to erase the marks you made to make your brows look curved on top. Great brows can enhance the look of your whole face, and they can also highlight your best features. Experiment with different brow shapes using these tips, and enjoy having fuller and well-groomed eyebrows every day.

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