A Girls Night Out In London

Whether you’re a veteran Londoner entertaining a handful of gal pals for the weekend, or a fresh-faced newcomer looking to explore the delights of our nation’s capital with your girlfriends, there’s no question the city has something to offer you. In fact, the city has too much! With so many theatres, bars, cafes, and clubs the city can be an embarrassment of riches for natives and bewildering for visitors. Fear not, for here are some suggestions for you and your girls for a night out you’ll remember that won’t leave you with a huge hangover and an empty bank account.

Let’s assume you’re not on a limitless budget and don’t have too much time to kill so a pricey West End show is probably out, and while you could easily bankrupt yourself getting a round in at some of the city’s exclusive Mayfair bars, let’s keep things modestly priced and eclectic but also a little bit different.

Somewhere Quiet to Chat
You’ve got a lot of catching up to do, so it’s probably a good idea to meet up somewhere convivial with a lively atmosphere but not too much noise. Sure there are lots of generic bars and cafes where you can do this but why not try something new? If you or your friends like the scent of flavoured tobacco while you eat, drink and chat then a shisha bay may just the thing to get the ball rolling. Basrah Lounge was one of the first shisha places in London and is well known for its sparkling atmosphere, good food and freshly baked goods. If you’d prefer something a little more sedate, why not try the waterside cafes and bars of Little Venice, near to the bustling Camden Lock. 

Time for laughter
Laughter is the best medicine and a great way to kick things up a gear with the lively atmosphere of one of London’s famous stand up comedy venues. The 99 club in Leicester Square is one of the city’s most prominent venues and plays host to some of the country’s top comedians like Jack Whitehall, John Bishop and Jack dee. If you’re looking for something with more of a fringe vibe, however, we recommend Angel Comedy on Camden passage where you can see seasoned pros and gifted amateurs hone their comedic craft. 

London’s Hidden Bars
Now it’s time for the wine to flow, and the dancing to start. But taking your friends to a generic, homogenised chain bar? No, no, no! If you’re less than wowed by Wetherspoons and the Slug and Lettuce makes you feel sluggish why not lend a sense of theatricality adventure to your tipsy tomfoolery? The city boasts many hidden bars and speakeasies that combine top-quality drinks with a sort of improvised theatre. Take the Evans and Peel detective agency, for instance; a 1920s themed film-noir style private detective’s office. You’ll have to plan your trip in advance by approaching them with intriguing case. If they decide to take it, you’ll be allowed in through the hidden door in the bookshelf to a secret rumpus room where you can dance the night away with some contraband cocktails. 

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