Bedroom Trends To Consider This Year

When it comes to home decor, the bedroom really is one area that needs to be right. When it's hot in summer and cold in winter it can be difficult to find the right balance, but a good bedroom works all year round. If you're looking at trends because it's time for a bedroom update, it's important to consider how well it will work not just right now but throughout the seasons.

What do we need from a bedroom? Ideally, we need comfort. Sleep is one of the most important parts of our lives and we need that comfortable furniture, along with spreads, pillows, blankets and duvets to ensure we get the best sleep possible - but that's basic common knowledge, right? We also need temperature control - extra throws and big cable-knit blankets in the winter to combat the cold - and airflow, fans, air conditioning and thin blankets to regulate the heat. There's being comfortable, though - and feeling comfortable. We need both to match - and while you might be able to snuggle down and get a well-earned good night of sleep with some comfortable covers - you might not feel that comfortable in a bedroom that isn't 'you'. It might not represent what you want from a bedroom; it might not be what you want in terms of style. That's not good enough! We need your bedroom to be everything you want in terms of both function and fashion. While the function of your bedroom is admittedly the key aspect of a bedroom, we do need to think about the looks and style of the bedroom - as after all, it's just another room. When we think of style, we think of 'what's new' - and what could be more new than trends? Of course, there are some trends we must avoid, as they fade in and out like the blow of the wind - but in all seriousness, there could be some timeless interior design hallmarks just around the corner. With that, and the bedroom, in mind - let's take a look at some of the latest bedroom trends so you can sleep in comfort, and style!

Minimalism is definitely still in Vogue. Less really is more sometimes - and with bold fashion statements highlighting wide spaces, minimalism is perfect for the modern bedroom. Go a bit outrageous by upping the 'quirky' factor. Minimalism tends to mean 'simple' and simple isn't always best. Make your furniture a real statement and prove that less is more! Your furniture can really be art, and you can craft a protolounge into your bedroom with some incredibly fun furniture pieces. Grey is in - and in more ways than one. Grey might seem toneless and boring, but where it lacks as a colour, it makes up for in being a team player for a bedroom. Grey makes everything look better. It makes those plants look alive; it makes those gold accents shine. There's a lot to gain from grey when it's done in the right way - and especially if there are aspects of your room that you are desperate to highlight. Grey comes in, in an extreme manner through concrete walling - where beauty mixes with the beast. It doesn't need to be actual concrete - but what this texture does is incredible. It brings that bold bedding and furniture to life and creates an intensely vivid bedroom. It multiplies everything that is good and works over a number of ideas. If a trend is here to stay - it's textured grey walling. White can also be used in this same manner - if you're willing to be adventurous with your furniture, textures and art. Borrowing from a living room trend, industrialized bedrooms are very much in vogue. A high-class penthouse feel is created through exposed brickwork, hanging lighting and steel beams complement metal furniture and rich earthy tones well.

Cluttered Chic
The opposite of minimalist sensibilities? Well, that's also something you should try if you're in love with your possessions. You can keep a lot of stuff in your room, but make it look nice! It's quirky if you can make the manic seem manageable - and it's almost showroom friendly! Bookcase walls and storage bed-frames are essential for the bedroom in a house that has a lot to it, and a lot in it. It's not exactly a mess - it's a carefully arranged, heavily organised and clean showcase of your life, hobbies and passions. Arrange your books, be careful with your clutter and mess with your lighting for a real unique 'mess that's not a mess'.

If the yin-yang elements of minimalism and mess don't appeal to you, why not go back in time? Vintage sensibilities are in and are big for those with an eye for fashion, if that's you - there's a lot to like about vintage stylings. Mid-century designs are coming back - simple, yet bold. Cheap, yet elegant. White tones, simple Italian furniture, there's a lot to like about the clean look of a vintage business that is everything minimalism should be, without the perceived snobbishness. Vintage rooms are best summed up by wallpaper, a statement wall with some old-school designs running from top to bottom behind the bed could really make a room. If you want style from your nightstand, consider a golden nightstand. Anything ‘precious metal’ will scream decadence, but opting to splurge on a nightstand can complement the rest of your room quite nicely in a statement-piece sense, because what's vintage if not a bit of glitz 'n' glamour?  Don’t be afraid to mix up these designs, because you can certainly find a calm within the storm, and things that should not work in theory, often work in practice. Experiment!

Hotel Style
What use do you want from your bedroom? This piece in HGTV examines the hotel suite - maybe if we've got the room, the bedroom could afford to fill many needs. There's a lot to learn from the humble hotel suite and while a bedroom might look decadent, if it's not serving that purpose, changes need to be made. A bedroom can certainly become a master of all trades if you allow it to be - a closet, a walk-in wardrobe, a study, a relaxing place. Nail your design down, but also think about what you want from this room. It can be more to you than you'd have thought. The bedroom can also be a place of massive convenience with certain products and features. Coffee bars, mini-fridges, espresso makers, a tea spread and even sleek microwave ovens can be found in the modern kitchen. Even washing facilities for laundry can be found in some experimental bedrooms - taking the solution of laundry issues right to your doorstep. Your new bedroom might just become the world's best hotel suite and a getaway within your home if you allow it to. One of the coolest things you can do for a bed? Go large. No - not with the frame or the mattress (although those are massive benefits). Headboards and bedheads are proving that bigger is better right now. Not only that, but the bigger the headboard, the more room for built-in storage. This adds a function element to your fashion choice. Plenty of expanded headboards can be found in the IKEA bed ranges - if you've already got a bed from the Swedish brand! Upholstered headboards can make a bed into a fashion statement. A bold design and style can either add luxurious extravagance, or a bold complement to a bedroom's style.

Bedroom tech is also a big thing - integrated charge points in bedframes and nightstands are becoming increasingly useful - while plenty of beds come with built in-tv stands. What do you exactly want from your bed? Because if you want something with the future in mind, you can certainly have it. Look for tech built into furniture to become more common in the very near future. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms within a household. While there are plenty of design philosophies to adhere to, plenty of ideas to inspire and plenty of trends to examine - it's all useless if you don't like your bedroom after you have made changes. The most important design is your own, so make your dream bedroom instead of blindly following advice - it should only exist for inspiration, as after all - it is you who will spend every night sleeping in that bedroom, and it's you who will fit the bill to make changes once more. The biggest trend in this article? The best choice? It's the one that appeals to you the most. Making a bedroom that you don’t like? It’s one of the biggest, and most uncomfortable, interior design mistakes that you could make.

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