Five Interesting Business Ideas for College Students

Are you a student looking to make a little extra cash? Part time work is an option, although if it's not flexible enough it can be tricky fitting it around your studies. Starting your own business is a far better option, you get to choose your workload and it's something you can continue after college too while you're looking for full time work. Here are five ideas to consider.

Delivery Service 
A small delivery service is a fantastic business idea for college students. To get started, you only need a smartphone and a computer. You can even hire your friends as employees for the times when you're studying. Where to find customers? The number of stores operating online and offline, small organizations is growing every day, therefore people who will deliver documents and not heavy parcels are needed. The employee who will take orders and send couriers, should be able to plan routes advantageously. Directing the courier to several places at once is an opportunity to save money.

Dog Walking
This is one of the easiest (and most fun!) college businesses ideas for students who love animals, and want to get a bit of exercise. People with busy lifestyles who work long hours struggle fitting in dog walking, so you're able to provide a much- needed service. It gets you out and allows you to get some fresh air, you get to help someone out and spend time with some cute dogs. It's a win-win situation! If you arrange to do all of your dog walking duties morning and/ or evening you have the day free to get on with your studies. 

Video Blogging 
People are able to make excellent money these days making videos on YouTube. While it can take time to build up an audience, it's fun and you will gain lots of skills in the process, from video editing to promotion, how to use different cameras, use social media effectively and so much more. It's quite a social hobby since you get to connect with other Youtubers and content creators all over the world, and if your channel takes off you're set to earn a significant amount of money from both Adsense and sponsors. 

Food Truck
We all lead such busy lifestyles, and having time to cook can be an issue. This means offering any kind of fast or convenience foods is something that will always do well.  The food truck is a good option because you can choose any place for it during the day. If things don't work out there, there's always the opportunity to move to a better location. The ideal location for your food truck is near educational institution or office buildings. This will allow you to have a stable flow of customers at lunchtimes. You can buy food trucks that are kitted out and ready to go, while they're not cheap to buy if you have inheritance money or help from parents to get started this could allow you to make steady money right the way through college. Again, you could hire friends to help out, that way they can earn cash too and you get a cut of what they earn.

Writing Service
Working as a writer is the ideal situation for a college student. All you really need is a computer, and you already have the skills to do well. It's something you can do from your dorm room or library and spend a couple of hours here and there between lectures fitting it in. You can use an online writing service such as UK Edubirdie or Customessayorder to set up and start earning money. You will write essays, term papers, research papers and more for students. Such services are in high demand these days, meaning plenty of work and opportunities to earn money,

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  1. When I was studying, I usually wrote articles and projects on health issues. This is a very easy way to make money