Five Ways to Spruce Up Your Morning Coffee Experience

If you're one of many caffeine lovers who cannot go a day without coffee, then you probably know about the dreaded coffee burnout. Do you need a good Cup of Joe in the morning to thrive throughout the day, but are tired of the regular coffee, cream, and sugar routine running your life? Here are five ways to spruce up your caffeine lifestyle for better coffee enjoyment. 

1. Cardamom
Those living in the Middle East often add a bit of cardamom to their coffee. The ingredient gives you just enough spice to add a kick to your morning, all while offering other benefits that bolster the benefits of caffeine. Adding a small portion of ground cardamom gives your morning Cup of Joe an exotic taste. You can also add the ingredient to your home coffee grinder in bean form for an even more consistent mixture. 

2. Salt 
You might not consider salt to be a good addition to coffee, since caffeine already tends to be a bit bitter. However what you find when adding it, is that it actually cuts down on the sharp taste. Cold brews mainly serve to benefit from this ingredient, as salt maximises the flavour in these types of blends. 

3. Cinnamon
Cinnamon comes with many health benefits, including boosting your immune system and it being good to the taste buds. Adding a dash of the ingredient to your cup of hot coffee takes the beverage from ordinary to fabulous. Consider an even spicier drink by adding a cinnamon stick to your coffee routine in the morning or at night. 

4. Butter
Butter might not seem like the most obvious ingredient when it comes to sprucing up your caffeine life. The dairy product, however, brings a richness to your beverage that you cannot get with ordinary milk. Butter is believed to boost energy when added to caffeine drinks such as coffee. Some early risers even replace their breakfast with a dose of butter in coffee because of the delicious ingredients that make up the dairy product. 

5. Egg
Eggs have found their way into every cuisine and are now revolutionising coffee in the morning. Scandinavia and other Nordic countries are known for incorporating raw egg into their coffee grinds for a more exotic taste. Those who swear by this ingredient believe that the egg clarifies coffee for perfect colouration. 

Perhaps you're not one willing to go to the extreme of mixing coffee with raw egg or butter in the morning. You can still spruce up your morning routine by combining more than sugar and cream with your caffeine beverage and investing in a good coffee grinder. Ice always adds a bit of variation to coffee in the morning. Perhaps you should take a walk on the cold side now and then to prevent burnout from routine. My friend Amanda from also recommends trying out a coffee bean subscription. That way you can try a lot of crazy, different varieties until you find something that works for you.

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