Go Ahead and Re-Invent Yourself This Summer

As the Beatles once said, “Here comes the sun”, and for many of us this signifies a change that we start to feel from within. As the sun comes out, we Brits start to metamorphose. We become a little friendlier, a little more outgoing and a little more confident. The instinct that caused us to wrap ourselves up in bed and binge on carbs through the wind and rain of autumn and winter (okay, and most of spring as well), transforms into something else. With the advent of sunshine we get the instinct to dress more daringly, get out more and spend the hot summer days at barbecues and garden parties and the nights sipping white wine and chatting merrily in the company of friends. Gone is the dowdy, introverted you of months gone by, it’s time to re-invent yourself and emerge as a confident, sexy butterfly. Here’s how:

Say Yes
When the weather is miserable we have a tendency to clam up, shun human contact and say no to offers of nights out, drinks, fine dining, dancing and general merriment. All that ends now! It’s time to get out there and re-engage with your friends and loved ones. Say yes if you’re invited out. Go on dates (assuming you’re unattached), attend parties, get out to galleries and museums and try to be among people, even if it’s just a walk in the park on your lunch break. 

Get Active
Whether you’ve just bought a little black number that you want to look great in or you’ve just decided that it’s time to get in shape, summer is a great time to get active. Exercise is a proven mood booster and when you start to see your body tone up this can only add to your confidence and faith in the brand new you. Joining a gym or simply promising yourself that you’ll get out for a jog a few times a week is a great way to enjoy the summer weather while feeling good about yourself. Now might also be the right time to clean up your diet and ditch any bad habits you’ve clung onto so far this year like smoking.

Change Your Job
This may be drastic for some but if you’ve looking to make a change in your job for some time, summer is the perfect time to do it. You’ll be feeling more confident, more outgoing and more engaged with the world around you so it’s the perfect time to shine in front of prospective new employers. Find the company you long to work for, do some due diligence and check if they’re hiring. Even if they’re not, now’s the perfect time to hand in your CV and make that all-important first impression. 

Being in a new location is like a big old ‘reset’ button for the psyche so try and book yourself a holiday, even if it’s just a weekend away at the beach. Meet new people, learn new things and be whoever you want to be in your new surroundings. Have fun, make new friends and build a catalogue of stories to tell everyone when you get home.

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