Hassle-Free Ways To Keep A Garden Looking Gorgeous

Everyone wants a beautiful garden, but a stunning outdoor space comes at a cost. The expense being your time and effort- and often money too since gardening can be expensive! For homeowners, the idea of rolling up their sleeves and donning rubber gloves is something they might be putting off, which is why so many gardens look like jungles. Which is a shame, because the outside space in your home provides plenty of opportunities to relax, as well as entertain if it's looked after properly. If gardening isn't your forte, you will be pleased to know that there are ways to keep your grounds are clean and tidy without breaking your back. That way you won’t have to worry about constantly cleaning the decking and mowing the lawn or doing all of those other jobs you've been putting off! Here are some hassle-free ways to maintain a beautiful garden. 

Store Belongings In The Shed
Instead of leaving tools and materials from half finished DIY projects strewn around, pop them in the shed. If you install shelves onto the walls and invest in some good storage drawers, its easy to keep everything neat and tidy with very little hassle. If you have a garage or larger shed, you can store things like fold away chairs and kids outdoor toys when the colder weather sets in too. That way you keep them safe and dry, and they don't lie around in the garden looking messy.

Be Proactive
One reason homeowners hate gardening is that they see it as a big job. And in all fairness, they are right most of the time- gardens can get out of control pretty quickly. However if you keep an eye on things and tackle jobs as they arise rather than leaving them, it will be fair easier to maintain. With that in mind, try and prune plants before they grow too large. Otherwise, jobs like trimming the hedges can take forever. Pull up weeds as and when they sprout up, rather than waiting and ending up with a far bigger job on your hands. If you do a little here and there throughout the season it makes for a much easier job.

Keep (Some) Wildlife Out
Let's face it, animals don’t care about boundaries. If you live in the country, finding a stray animal in the garden is a likely occurrence if you don't have the right fencing! Sites like www.oakdalefencing.co.uk have a variety of options so you shouldn't struggle finding something that fits with the theme of your garden. Pests are another type of wildlife you will want to keep out of the garden. You can usually do this by inviting the right kinds of insects and animals, like a form of biological control. If you buy plants and flowers that attract ladybirds for example, they will eat aphids which can damage your garden. 

Plant Evergreens
Flowers are a stunning addition to any garden, but they can be hard work. If you don’t have the time or inclination to tend to high maintenance flowers, go with a hardy variety instead. According to www.thompson-morgan.com there are varieties of flowers out there which are stubborn and don’t need a lot of care, evergreen plants such as Daphnes are one example. Because they last all year, there is no reason to worry about them when the summer turns into autumn. Other evergreen shrubs help to bring colour and interest to the garden even when everything else dies off later in the year. 

Are you a lazy gardener? What tips do you have for maintaining a beautiful garden without much effort?

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