Introducing Kittens to Kids!

So you’ve taken the plunge and succumbed to the constant nagging of your kids begging you for a kitten. Day and night they have been bothering you, pleading with you to get them a pet. You thought you’d be able to ride it out, but the barrage of pleas became too much, and you couldn’t help but give in. Your kids are smart. They knew what they were doing. And now they have won. You have rescued a sixteen-week-old tabby from the local cats home, and you need to care for it, love it and help it thrive within its new home. Follow the tips provided to ensure that you are fulfilling your new pet owner responsibilities.

1. Meet And Greet
Your kids, who have wanted this kitten for the past six months, are going to be ridiculously eager to touch, hold and stroke their new little addition to the family. But you must ensure that they are calm and composed. Give them a little pep talk beforehand and let them know that their new kitten is excited to meet them but that he is very anxious and needs the room to be quiet. Tell your kids that it’s important that they don’t reach out for the kitten and that the kitten will come to them. Even the most gentle and timid of kittens will scratch or bite if they feel threatened. Even tiny kids hands can look strange and menacing to a little kitten.

2. Give Them A Once Over
Sadly cats homes can be pretty crowded places, and not all of the cats will have come from the most hygienic of environments. If the mother cat or any other cats in the household had fleas, chances are they all do. Check your kitten for fleas or flea dirt. If you spot any small black spots, comb them out immediately and get hold of some cat flea medicine. Once your kitten is over 1kg in weight, he can be treated at home, and you don't need to take him to the vet. If you treat him monthly with a spot-on solution, you’ll be able to keep the pesky little parasites at bay.

3. Play
Kittens are a huge amount of fun for the whole family. Invest in some toys and faux mice. Build a couple of cat trees and dot some soft fleece throws and cat cushions around the house so your new little one can find his way to some safe areas. It's important that he feels secure and able to venture around his home on his own. Encourage your children to play with your kitten but make sure they don’t wear him out. It’s important that he has the right nutrition to fuel his play so pick up some special kitten food to ensure he has all the nutrients he needs. When you come home with your new kitten, you are welcoming a new family member to your household. With luck, your kitten will be a joy to help nurture and grow into the family pet you will come to adore.

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