Magic Marketing Strategies For The Newly Self-Employed

Starting off as self-employed can be very scary, no matter how many years of experience you have in your industry. Not being a part of a company anymore will feel like you are taking away your stabilisers and you will be entirely independent of anyone else. One of the first hurdle that all newly self-employed individuals face is marketing themselves. Through good marketing campaigns, you will find that it is ever so easier to attract new clients and customers. Not too hot with your marketing? No problem; here are some great tips that can help you.

Use Online Tools
There are tons of ways you can market yourself and your new business for free online. For starters, you should set yourself up with some social media accounts. These are a great way to get your new business out there. You need to set up a social media campaign so that you can increase your follower number as quickly as possible. The more followers means that you have a bigger chance of converting some of them into customers! There are some other great online marketing tools that you can use, such as Google Adwords and SEO practices. 

Educate Others About Your Job
If people don’t fully understand what your job entails, they might not realize how you can help them. One way you can educate people is to get a z card printed that explains your new business and how its products or services can benefit clients and customers. It is also worth adding an ‘about’ page to your website that details the kind of work you do. 

Attend Networking Events
Regularly attending network events is another great way to get your name out there and meet potential new clients. Ideally, you should attend networking events that are aimed at professionals in the same industry as you. This can help you make some contacts that might be able to help you and your business out in the future. It’s also worth attending networking events that are aimed at local entrepreneurs as some of them might want to use you for your services. 

Reach Out To Clients Directly
You can’t expect all of your future clients and customers to approach you. You will need to make some effort and reach out to them yourself. By being proactive in this way, you will find that you end up with a lot more clients on your books! There are various ways you can approach clients. Some of the best methods include cold calling, email marketing, and connecting on social media. 

Figure Out Your Target Audience
You need to make sure that your marketing is all aimed at a specific target audience. This audience should be made up of people who are most likely to want to use your services. If you don’t have a set target, you will find that your marketing ends up falling on deaf ears.

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