Six Common Wedding Day Problems...And How To Overcome Them

Ah, wedding days: a day of celebration, of laughs, tears (the good kind), and love...or at least that’s the idea. As Shakespeare told us, ‘the course of true love never did run smooth,' and there’s always the chance that something will happen that’ll threaten to derail how successful the most important day of your life is. While you can’t stop bad things from happening, you can at least prepare for them so that they don’t become bigger issues than they need to be. Below, we offer six tips on overcoming common wedding day problems. 

You’re Sick
Everything’s in place, the sun is shining, everyone’s happy...and you’re sick. Yeah, that sucks. We can’t control when we fall ill, but we can help keep illnesses at bay. Really, you should be doing things to make sure your health is in tip-top condition at all times, but we understand that not everybody has the time to keep on top of that. At the very least, make sure you’re taking it easy in the week before your wedding. Eat healthy foods, avoid nights out, load up on vitamin C: with these things and a pinch of luck, you’ll be fine. Also: beware those pimples that are caused by stress

Rain, Rain, Go Away
You have to live in a pretty blessed part of the world to be guaranteed that it won’t rain on your wedding day. It’s simply one of those things that might happen - and if it starts, you won’t be able to stop it! Prepare for a downpour by talking to your venue in advance. They’ll have experience of what to do should the rain come on your wedding day. Also, try to avoid a wedding venue that’s exclusively outdoors. If the rain comes then, you’ll have nowhere to hide. 

Slightly Obscured Memories
Your wedding isn’t just for one day: it’s for the rest of your life. As the year's pass and the details of the day begin to fade, you’ll have photograph after photograph of the special day to remind you of the day in all its glory. If you leave the photo-taking in the hands of friends and family, however, you might find you don’t have the memories captured in a way that does the day justice. Look at hiring a professional wedding photographer, such as Vittore Buzzi; the pros know how to use the light to their advantage, when and where to take photographs, and so on, leaving you with an album full of memories. 

DJs Killing It...and Not in a Good Way
Once the actual ceremony is done and dusted, it’s time to move onto the fun part of the wedding: the party. You’ll have a DJ spinning the tunes, but what if they’re playing all the wrong tracks, and the dancefloor is looking awkwardly empty? Before you hire a DJ, ask the prospective DJ what their approach to the craft is. There’s nothing worse than a DJ who only plays their favorite tracks, even when the floor is silent. You should also provide plenty of tracks you want to hear - oh, and it can’t hurt to ask your music-fanatic friend bring an iPod just in case. 

Worse for Wear
A wedding is a party occasion, and what do people do at parties? They have a few alcoholic drinks and have fun! However, sometimes this can go too far, and before you know it you have a few friends and family members who have had too many drinks. You don’t want to be babysitting your guests to make sure they only have a set number of drinks. Instead, make sure there’s plenty of water and snacks available. It’s difficult for people to feel the effects of alcohol too negatively when they have a full stomach. 

Unruly Children
Children might be an important part of the wedding day, looking all cute in the dresses and little suits. However, these precious children might also turn into...well, regular children, especially when the day begins to drag. You don’t want your guests to leave home just because their children are bored! Make sure you’re factoring in the children into your day’s entertainment so that they have as good a time as the adults

Of course, we didn’t outline a crucial aspect of wedding day success: luck. But as the old saying goes, we make our own luck! Go into the day with a positive attitude, ready to tackle any issue with optimism, and there’ll be nothing to stop your day from being amazing.

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