Eat, Exercise and Have Fun- Lead a Healthy Lifestyle Every Day!

Following a proper lifestyle not only gives you a healthy body and mind but also keeps you going in your hectic life without letting sickness set upon you easily. It so happens that often we tend to take less care of our overall well being due to our daily busy schedules. But on following certain tips you can always be healthy and happy no matter how hard your day is. Those simple tips are as follows: 

1. Do not skip meals, particularly breakfast: 
Start your day with a healthful breakfast that contains adequate nutrition. A healthy breakie gives you better memory and concentration. Eggs, whole wheat bread or cereal, fruit and low fat dairy like yoghurt are all good choices

2. Exercise or work out every day: 
Maintain an exercise regime regularly to stay fit, strong and shapely. Exercise helps to shed the extra pounds from your body allowing you to look and feel great. Your best bet is to find something you actually enjoy doing, it could be a class, a sport or even working out from home. You're far more likely to stick with it!

3. Stick to a good bedtime routine 
Make a habit of sleeping at the right time, ensuring you're getting around 7-8 hours of sleep. This will allow the proper functioning of your body and mind throughout the day. If you invest in a fitness tracker like a Fitbit this will detect your sleep habits so you know if this is something you need to work on.

4. Occupy your mind 
Indulge in some of your favourite recreational activities every day to relax and keep your mind away from stress or worries. You can play online bingo free on the incredible site BingoMagix, perfect for keeping you entertained!

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