Fire and Water: Two Kinds of Disasters To Avoid at Home!

None of us like to think about having a disaster at home. After all, our homes are at the centre of our world- nothing would be worse than something happening to our family, pets or possessions. But it doesn't make sense to avoid the idea completely, instead every homeowner should spend time on preventative measures to avoid them in the first place. As well as natural disasters, theft and deliberate vandalism from criminals, fire and water are two types of very destructive disasters that can occur in the home. Here are some things to bear in mind.

Prevent Fires

We’ve all seen or heard of a terrible disaster where a family home has been destroyed by a rapidly growing fire; sometimes there's also the loss of life. Fire can start anywhere in the home and sometimes due to a number of factors. A cooker could be left on, and something flammable accidentally dropped on it. Oil fires in pans can start and quickly increase in height and furiosity. Even the humble Christmas tree lights can catch on fire due to faulty wires. To make preventional preparations for fires take these steps…
  • First and foremost, contact a reputable company that does Fire Alarm Installations and get an modern smoke detector fitted
  • Buy a fire extinguisher for each floor of the house and put in an accessible place
  • Buy a fire blanket for the kitchen so any pan or pot fires can be quickly doused.
  • Another option is to buy a tap connector and put a hose pipe and a pressure washer on each floor as well, to stop a fire from spreading
  • Read on an official government or organization website, how to get your family to safety if you wake up in the night in the middle of a house fire.

A Burst Pipe

Water is the most powerful force of mother nature on the planet. Enough of it, can wash away anything in its path with little effort and ruin people’s lives. It's formless; therefore it can go anywhere, and the damage it wreaks can occur permanently. A gushing leak can dump many gallons of water in your home in a matter of minutes and sometimes even just a few seconds. It can ruin wooden flooring as mold and rot and set in and destroy a rug or carpet in the hallway. It’s very hazardous to the health and safety of the people inside the home as well because electrocution becomes a very real possibility. To prevent this…
  • Turn off the water from the mains
  • Check the rubber washer for decay and possibly tears, and if so replace them immediately
  • If you notice the joint screws are rusting or have loosened due to the pressure of the air and water, tighten the ones which are fine, and replace those that are rusting
  • Any pipes that are also rusted have got to be replaced.
  • If you see limescale forming on the outside or inside of the pipe, you may need to check the quality of the water by having a test done, or simply, replace that pipe.

Prevention is the best form of protection. House emergencies are so rare that it’s easy to get stuck in a lull and think it will never happen to you. Have the right gadgets and tools ready at your disposal, and perform regular check ups on your household systems.

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