Garden Must- Haves For The Perfect Patio

Patios can be gorgeous and dreamy, but to really pull off a perfect patio you need to go out, harvest some inspiration and then put in some work. If you’ve always dreamt of an an outdoor space that’ll make you smile as soon as you step out onto it - then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog we’ll have a look at some brilliant patio additions. But before we crack on with firing inspiration in your direction, let’s start with some patio preparation. 

De- Weed
No one likes a patio that’s 40% weeds. Before you build a house, you have to make sure the foundation is on point - same goes with a patio. Firstly, sweep the dirt off your patio, then get down on all fours and let the de-weeding commence. 

Invest in a Chimenea
If you live in the UK then you'll know it can sometimes be necessary with a bit of extra warmth when the weather gets shifty. The chimenea is not only a more charming source of warmth compared to a gas heater, but comes with some fantastic rustic mexican vibes. Traditionally used for indoor cooking, the chimenea has been adopted en masse across the UK and are available across all price ranges. Whether for cooking, keeping toasty or just because you like starting fires - there’s a chimenea just for you! 

Consider a Raised and Levelled Herb Garden 
A bit of greenery is never a bad idea if you ask us, and the feeling of achievement when you’ve grown your own veg is beyond words. Sure, you can designate half the garden to vegetables - but let’s be real. Will you have time keep it? Will you want to keep it? A raised herb garden is an easy win. Sow, water, grow, harvest, enjoy! 

Try an Ingenious Storage Bench 
Now, you need some comfy furniture on your top notch patio. Yes, turquoise french patio sets are picturesque. But have you ever sat on one of those steel chairs? They’re not exactly comfortable. Get a storage bench, and you’ll be able to tick off two things at once. A few cushions and you’ll have a dead comfy seat for lounging, dining and taking naps. Oh and not to forego the storage benefits underneath you. No more footballs, frisbees, pin balls and tractors lying about the garden. 

Set The Ambiance
Even though the natural sun light stretches far into the evening during summer in Northern Europe, even just a little light can bring a whole lot of ambiance into your garden. Lanterns, hanging tea light jars, tree spotlights - you name it. 

Install A roof for a Rainy Day
The weather in the UK isn’t always very reliable, to say the least. If you love spending time in your garden as much as we do, it’s perhaps worth investing in something that will keep you dry when the rain starts to pour. You can go large and build a pergola cover for your outdoor space. If you’re looking for something less stationary, or just for a smaller space then get a sporty shade sail to take the worst of wind sun and rain, or just plain and simple get a good quality parasol or an awning for the house. 

Don't Forget a Cooking zone
Whether you’re a Weber enthusiast, dream of an outdoor kitchen or hunger for food made on an open fire - make sure your patio is prepped for purpose. If you don’t like the smokey taste that comes with a barbeque, then don’t bother! Do however make sure that there is room for cooking, and just way you like it!

Patio inspiration was brought to you by the Stewart Timber team, good luck making your outdoor space dreamy!

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