Health And Fitness Regime Gone Stale?

It doesn’t matter how well intentioned you started off your health and fitness regime; it’s all too easy for it to go stale when you haven’t switched anything up for a while. If you’ve found that you’re lacking in motivation and you just don’t feel the same as you did before, maybe you’re even just going through the motions during your workouts, something has to change. 

Try Something Brand New
Instead of thinking you will only get results doing what you did before, try something brand new. As this will be exciting for you, you’ll barely realize you’re exercising. You could go to a dance class, join a football league, or do something you’re interested in but have never tried. The novelty may wear off, but you might just give yourself the exercise bug again. 

Enrol In A Challenge
How about enrolling in a challenge? Depending on what it is, you may need to train to ensure you’re ready. Perhaps this could be a boxing for charity challenge, or a mountain climbing challenge. There are even fitness programs you can enroll in for anywhere from 8-16 weeks that could give you a boost, with support groups and check ins to keep you on track. Make sure you enroll in something realistic that will still challenge you to get the right balance. Enrolling in something too easy will be boring, and enrolling in something too hard will be demoralising. 

Reassess Your Goals
If you’ve lost your motivation, chances are you need to reassess your goals. It’s easy to keep going when you have a clear goal in mind. When that goal needs to change, you’ll often lose motivation. Maybe your new goal could be to get stronger, rather than to get slimmer. It’s a good idea to have both short and long term goals to aim for! 

Develop A More Balanced Approach 
A balanced approach is a must. If you think you have to work out 6 times a week to be fit and healthy, you’d be wrong. If you think you need to eat 100% clean to be healthy, you're wrong again. Getting that balance right is key to having an enjoyable quality of life, and a lifestyle you’re truly happy with. The mistake many people make is trying too much too soon, and failing to make it part of their lifestyle! 

Find Clever Ways To Speed Up Your Results
There are a few clever ways you may be able to speed up your results. For example, energy and weight loss supplements found on the Nutritional Cleanse website could be useful depending on how your progress is looking so far. Even drinking a coffee before you work out can give you more energy and potentially help you to burn more fat. 

Measure Your Progress
If you're not measuring your progress, you probably don’t realise how far you’ve come. Start measuring your inches, and taking progress pictures. These can feel awkward at first if you don't like what you see, but i promise you you will be so glad you did when you're able to look back and compare later down the line. 

Treat Yourself
Treat yourself to a new gym outfit, or even a fitness tracker. These things won’t drag you to the gym, but they might just give you a little extra boost. 

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