Top Tips for Merchandising Your Retail Store

The point of merchandising your retail store is to catch the eye of potential buyers. You want your window display and shop floor to stand out, so when a potential customer looks into your store from across the street, it encourages them to come in and take a look. Most retail stores can’t go without quality merchandising, so it’s important to learn the ropes early on. If you’ve just opened a bricks and mortar store, merchandising is one of those things you’ll need to spend a lot of time and energy on. Here are some tips to get you started.

Change Your Displays
It’s important that people get to see fresh displays in your windows at least once a month. And, you’ll find that’s easy to do. Your displays should be an advert for new products and services, but they also need to change with the seasons. For example, a great Christmas window can attract plenty of new visitors to your stores. However, don’t get too excited and be tempted to start a window display without vital items. For example, if you’re waiting on a delivery of a teapot that matches perfectly with cups and saucers you already have in stock, keep waiting. Don’t lose out on a sale because you couldn’t wait to display items without their counterparts.

Put the Luxury Items in Prime Position
After being in business for a while, you’ll already know what sells well. For example, if you own a women’s clothing store, you’ll know that casual items often sell better than ball gowns. However, this is a fantastic opportunity to sell luxury items. If you know your customers will be looking at jeans and tops most of the time, strategically place matching items of jewellery and shoes nearby. Although your customers may be coming into the store to buy what they need, they may not be able to resist leaving without what they want.

Link Your Items
A big part of merchandising is making the store look appealing and organised. It’s important to keep your items in linked sections. For example, sale items, new arrivals or by colour. Just because you’ve opened a store, it doesn’t mean you necessarily have a keen eye for merchandising or design. If you’re struggling, get some help from design companies, like Design for Retail. When you want to catch the eye of your customers in store, do head height displays, so they’re the first things they see as they walk through the door.

If your customers are struggling to see your items clearly, you may need to invest in better lighting options. For window displays, spotlights are a fantastic idea, especially during the darker months. It can also help to have spotlights on your displays throughout the store, but keep in mind that customers don’t like to shop in bright light. If you have a changing room in the store, the lighting can make all the difference. Go for a soft light in each stall, making your customer look their best when they look in the mirror.

Merchandising is often a skill that takes time to perfect, so allow yourself some room for error.

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