Unique Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

There's nothing nicer than treating someone you care about with a gift- whether it's for a special occasion or 'just because'. A little token to show you thought about them, something you know they will enjoy. But present buying occasions can throw up all kinds of problems- maybe the person you're buying for already seems to own everything. Perhaps they're picky, or maybe you don't know them that well. Colleagues, in laws and family member's partners for example can be really quite tricky to buy for since you're not as close to them. Here are a few unique, fun gift ideas if you're stuck, that just about everyone will love. 

Homemade Gifts
Homemade gifts and unique and thoughtful, as well as the gift itself the person will appreciate your hard work. Homemade jewellery, candles, art or textile crafts would all work well, you could check out Pinterest for ideas if you don't know where to start. If the person you're gifting to already seems to own everything, then by giving them something homemade you know they can't possibly already have it. Home baking is another great idea, package up cookies, cupcakes or brownies in pretty jars or boxes. Ideal for colleagues, neighbours and other people where you aren't sure exactly what they like or what to get them. More personal than a gift card, and let's face it- everyone likes sweet treats!

Something Personalised
Personalising a gift can take it from good to great. It makes it more unique, special and gives a really nice added touch. Gifts Less Ordinary is a unique gift shop which offers personalisation options so you have everything you need in one place. You can get everything from personalised cufflinks to map prints to clothing and shoes. So you'll be spoiled for choice and bound to find exactly the right gift, regardless of who you're buying for. Oh, did you know that Gifts Less Ordinary recently launched their corporate gifting website in Singapore?

An Experience
If a physical gift doesn't seem quite right, why not treat them to an experience day? It could be driving in a power car, a day on a steam train, afternoon tea or anything in between! Its something you and them could both do together, and if you don't get to spend that much time with them you have the added benefit of a bonding experience too. Have a think about the kind of things the person you're gifting to and you're bound to find the perfect day out or mini break that's right up their street. If you have more to spend, it could even be a trip abroad for a full blown holiday!

What kind of unique gifts have you given or received, and which were your favourite?

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  1. Experiences make a great gift - I love gifting that to my fiance or best friend.

    May from La vie en May