Employee Interaction Is What Makes A Business Human

Perhaps the greatest pitfall that businesses fall into is becoming robotic. As a business owner, you’re so focused on heading down the narrow path of goals you’ve set yourself; you can become almost hypnotised by them. This can only lead to the lack of human interaction and displays of understanding in and outside the business. Customers may be less willing to give your business a second look if the customer service isn’t that great. However, the issues of feeling ignored or not well catered for, always start as internal rifts in business. If you don’t treat your employees just as well as you would a customer, the business as a whole will start to lack soul. Therefore you must have the utmost respect for the amount of employee interaction your business has, so the human aspect is never lost.

A company outing 
Some might say that there’s an inherent disconnect between the superiors and the general staff employed at a business. However this mindset should simply not be allowed to spread in your business, so therefore you should try to organise company outings at least once per season. What happens at these outings is you take off the hats you wear at work and the different style of clothes, and everyone is simply a normal human being. The sense that the business is robotic in nature flies out the window, when you have managers and the boss, sitting next to the employees, sharing a joke and a meal. Finally, staff gets to see your human side, and the relationships become closer. This comradery will then slowly cipher its way into the workplace, and suddenly everyone wants to reach the same goals and not let the person next to them down. 

HR department complaints 
The HR department in every business whether large or small, should by no means be an afterthought. This is only way employees can seek to have their rights and personal experience in the business, upheld. Many businesses employ the services of specialist companies who will in return, give them up-to-date procedures and standards of areas that specifically involve the wellbeing of employees. These companies regularly encourage business owners and individuals that work in businesses that employ their services to give them feedback, such as peninsula group complaints. Here you’ll find a great way to log complaints or positive reviews of a business that delves deeper into employment law and health and safety standards as well as HR and staff wellbeing. You as the business owner and your employees can all write such reviews.

Work the room
Now and then, if the boss walks into the room, and starts general chit chat with the workers, this also breaks down the barrier between higher-ups and the worker bees. The image of the boss high up in his or her ivory tower, suddenly becomes unfounded and false, when the boss of the business comes in a shakes hands with the staff. The morale also gets a boost and makes employees feel like they matter.

Shrugging off the negative image of us versus them in a business can become more difficult the longer you allow such feelings to linger. Allow your employees to talk to you, and have a company outing where you personally interact with every member of your business. Allow them to write complaints and show your face once in awhile.

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