Keeping Safe Whilst Decorating the Interior of Your Home

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional decorator, or you’ve just decided to carry out some simple DIY tasks around the home, safety rules and precautions apply to everyone, and it’s really important to follow them. Whilst it may seem like some of the safety precautions aren’t necessary, it’s always beneficial to stick to them just in case, as you never know what could happen around the corner. 

Protective Clothing & Equipment 
The use of protective clothing and equipment is essential, as it is designed to keep you and other around you safe and protected from any risks or potential danger. Starting with skin protection, you want to ensure that your body is covered to protect your skin properly. Wearing long overalls, trousers and jumpers is really helpful to keep you fully covered and protected. You should also consider wearing protective gloves when using specific items such as a sanding machine, drills and so on. You then need to protect your eyes, as they are extremely delicate and there is nothing worse than getting sawdust in your eye when you’re trying to work! Wearing protective goggles or glasses will help to ensure your eyes are safe from dirt or any other debris that could be flying around the room during your DIY tasks. Finally, you need to consider your breathing. Sanding down wood, drilling holes and even painting the walls can give off fumes and lots of dust that can potentially be harmful to your lungs. It’s important to wear mouth protection such as a mask and have all windows open to air out the room, to ensure that the air is a fresh and circulated as possible and prevents you from inhaling any unwanted chemicals. 

Safety with Ladders 
One of the main causes of household incidents is people misusing their ladders. Ladders are designed to be safe and secure, when used properly, and it’s amazing just how many people cut corners and avoid using them properly to try and get things done quicker. Firstly, you need to ensure your ladder is in good condition, as there is no point in trying to use a ladder that’s not reliable or safe. You then need to make sure you know exactly how to erect the ladder. You often find that whether it’s a step ladder, extension ladder or swing back there are always specific ways to erect each different style, so it’s really important to ensure you know exactly what to do with your ladder type. Once you know how to safely erect your ladder, you need to make sure you know how to use it in a safe manor too. It may seem obvious, but it’s very easy to become comfortable using a ladder and to start to forget certain safety rules you should be sticking to. Always consider the clothing you are wearing when using a ladder, as you want to make sure you have sensible shoes on and clothes that you can move around easily in. You should also always ensure that the ladder is dry when being used, as they can become very slippery and this could cause some serious damage. Finally, you should always make sure that you have three-point contact with the ladder. The ladder should sit safely against the wall, with all feet safely positioned on flat on the ground. This will ensure the ladder stays in place and keeps you safe. 

Handling Dangerous Products 
When you carry out decorating projects at home, you are almost always going to be handling products with strong chemicals that are a potential hazard. It’s really important to know how to handle these products safely, to ensure you get proper use out of them, whilst keeping yourself safe at the same time. Products like bleach, paint stripper, solvents and even paints can contain a number of chemicals that are bad for your skin, eyes and even lungs. You also find that solvents are highly flammable, so it’s really important to keep them safe and away from any naked flames.

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