Understanding Your Customer: Is It Time You Took A Walk In Their Shoes?

If you asked any business mogul to give you tips about making it to the top, it’s highly likely that most would encourage you to focus on giving the customer what they want. If you can gain a deeper understanding of your client, this will always stand you in good stead. Sometimes, it’s incredibly beneficial to take a step back, forget you’re the boss, and take a walk in your client’s shoes. This can help you identify potential problems and pitfalls and improve the way your business works. 

Creating positive first impressions
Consider how you feel when you visit a website, or you’re out and about, and you walk past a store. What draws you in and what puts you off setting foot in that shop or browsing those web pages? What is it that makes you choose some sites or stores over others? Now, consider how your business looks to an outsider. Being able to impress potential customers within seconds is essential. If you own a shop, make sure it looks appealing from the curb. Don’t assume that people will take the time to explore the interior and devote all your energy to creating stunning displays inside. If the paintwork is shabby or the windows are bare and drab, you’re not making going in and having a look around a very enticing proposition. The same rules apply for a website. Your homepage has to look the part for people to want to spend more time exploring your site and what you have to offer. If you can’t attract a customer’s attention or interest them at the first opportunity, you may not get another one. 

Understanding the importance of aesthetics
It’s scientifically proven that we’re drawn to visual cues and if you run a shop, there’s nothing more important than making your store visually appealing. It’s hugely beneficial to put a lot of effort into creating window displays and looking for shop glass display counters and wall-mounted panels to enable you to showcase your wares in style. You want people to be lured in when they walk past or peer through the door. Before you open the doors for a new day, take a walk through the store as if you were a customer. Do you like what you see? Would you be drawn in from the pavement? What would you change? 

Getting an insight into consumer habits
As well as getting the aesthetics right, it’s also wise to do some research into consumer habits to help you understand how people shop and what it is that they’re looking for. What kinds of features or deals are likely to make them do a double take? How does the layout of the store affect sales? What puts buyers off? Doing market research is always a useful exercise, and it also pays to look at how other brands and companies promote their products and entice buyers. Think about shops or websites you love to visit and use them as inspiration. 

If you own a business, understanding your customers is of paramount importance. If you know what makes them tick, this will enable you to drive sales, attract new customers and ensure that you continue to deliver the service existing clients expect.

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