Beautiful Ways to Breathe New Life Into Your Wooden Floors

There’s no denying the beauty of a hardwood flooring. It’s unique natural patterns, rich tones and expensive finish are enough to enhance any room in the home.However, despite their durability, hardwood floors do not maintain the same brand new quality you fell in love with forever, and as your tastes change, you might not find that beautiful oak floor quite so appealing as you once did. Luckily it’s pretty easy to breathe new life into old wooden floors, making them look and feel every bit as beautiful as they were when you first installed them. Here are some ideas to help you do just that:

Nautical Stripes
One of the simplest ways to give hardwood floors a new lease of life is by painting them. If you’re game for something really different, a good way of doing this is by painting stripes. The nautical look, which consists of white and navy stripes is a pretty bold way to change things up, but if that’s too much, subtle white and grey, or even varying shades of grey or white can shake things up in a less in-your-face manner.

Chic and Shabby
If you love the effortless shabby chic look and apply it your furniture and accessories, there’s no reason why you can’t also apply it to your floor. You’ll need to expertly sand your floorboards down to do this, which might seem like a drag, but if you own or have access to one of these air compressors, it won’t take too long, because they speed the process up a lot. Once your floor has been sanded, you’ll want to, with a very light touch, roll on a thin layer of paint. Sand again until you reveal some of the original wood, then seal with a good floor wax. It’ll be well worth the effort!

Paint on Your Own Tiles
If you don’t want to get rid of your hardwood floors, but you want to do something completely different with the flooring, one thing you could do to upgrade your decor is to use paint to create your very own uniquely patterned tiles. There’s no getting around the fact that this will take a lot of time, not only because you’ll need to sand the floors down quite a bit, but also because creating pretty intricate designs will take a while, but it really will make your place look amazing. If you don’t have the time or the abilities to create patterned Moroccan style ‘tile’ just choose two beautiful complementary colours and using masking tape for accuracy, create a checkerboard design instead.

Refinish Them
Simpler still, and a more common way of revamping your hardwood floors to make them beautiful again is the process of refinishing. To refinish a hardwood floor, all you need to do is strip the existing layer of glaze from the wood, something you can find out how to do at, and then re-glaze with the finish of your choice. This is a good option if you like the natural look, but you want to make your floor look lighter or darker than it currently is.

So, don't cover your worn wooden floor up with a carpet or rug - renovate it and let it shine once again.

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