Going Green With Envy: Why Your Neighbour's Garden Is Better Than Yours

Do you remember the saying, ‘the grass is greener on the other side of the fence?’ It doesn’t only apply to gardens, but you may have sometimes stood on your side of the fence wondering why your neighbour’s patch of land is so much better than yours. Well, it’s time to stop going green with envy. If what we are saying does apply to you, we have some advice that may help you stand taller and prouder than your overgrown grass. Here are the reasons why your neighbour’s garden may be better than yours, and what you can do to help matters at your end.

The grass really is greener on her side of the fence
Believe it or not, there actually are ways to make greener grass. As well as the expected watering and fertilising, there are other things you can do in your garden to produce thicker, healthier and greener grass. To find out more, we recommend you read this expert article which will give you all you need to know. With a little bit of hard work, it will be your neighbour looking over your fence with awe and jealousy. 

There is more colour than a rainbow
You may have a few patches of colour in your garden, but sadly the greens and oranges of your weeds don’t count. Your neighbour probably has colours bursting around her garden all year round, so you need to get a handle on seasonal flowers. To bring a bit of colour into your garden, read this useful guide on how to grow everything, from roses to sunflowers. Your garden will be blooming in no time. Well, in the appropriate seasons at least. In the meantime, get your paint out and give colour to dull garden objects, such as rocks, stones, and your weathered old fence. Your neighbour will need to put on her shades to deflect the dazzling kaleidoscope of colours you have produced.

Her garden is her sanctuary
Let’s be honest; you aren’t going to get a sense of peace if your garden resembles a landfill. If your kid’s toys clutter up the pathways, and weeds are popping up all over the place, you aren’t going to enjoy or relax in your garden space. Meanwhile, your neighbour has managed to reach a zen state in her sanctuary of bliss, due to a little bit of care and diligence in her domain. Fear not you can create your own sanctuary of zen with our advice, and consider adding some extra features to your garden to reduce your stressed out state. A water feature or some wind chimes are a start, invoking a sense of peace while drowning out your neighbour’s incessant chanting.

She has amazing garden parties
You may enjoy the occasional social indoors, but if you are forced to close the curtains because you don’t want your mates to see the wilderness of your garden, you aren’t going to want to have a soiree outside. While your neighbour is sipping cocktails with her friends outdoors in the summer months, your mates will have to roast inside. Thankfully, there is a solution to this. Get outdoors and get to work on your garden. There was some helpful advice in the articles we have already linked, and you should make an effort to stay on top of the lawn by cutting it occasionally. When your garden is presentable, turn the tables on your neighbour and buy some luxury garden furniture. Then give her the royal wave as you are and your besties have the social event of the summer.

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