It’s Raining Cats and Dogs: Pets That Break From the Norm

There’s no denying that cats and dogs are awesome pets to have in the home. They're good with children, rewarding, all the usual good stuff we associate with pets. However, they're not only option we have for our homes, even though it might seem like it. There are a whole bunch of alternative options available, that’ll bring you just as much pleasure as a cat or dog. And they’ll also give your home a much more exotic feel! 

An In-House Aquarium
If you don’t have too much time to commit to a pet, then consider having an aquarium installed in your home. There’s massive scope to make this the most interesting part of the house (though only if you afford the all too common goldfish). The type of fish you can house will depend on the size of your tank, so it’s best to go big if you want to make a statement. If you’re a beginner, start with some colorful, easy to manage freshwater fish, such as white cloud (cold water), or black mollies, platies, and betta fish (heated).

Creepy Crawlies...Kinda 
Most people tend to shy away from those slimy, kinda gross insects...but then, to other people, they’re exactly what’s needed! If you’re not put off by their slightly-less-than-cute look, then consider adopting an African snail or spider as a pet. There’s nothing quite like an African snail, purely for its size, while a tarantula will draw curious gazes from all around. Even if you don’t quite like handling them yourself, both creatures are fun to watch. If you like to work hard to see your pets, consider getting stick insects; it really is quite amazing how well they’re able to blend in with their background! See for the best insects to get as a pet. 

In the Garden
If you’ve got green space on your property, then you’re in an ideal position to use that space to house some animals. There are few pets more satisfying than having a few hens roaming your land; if this sounds appealing, check out and start the process of having your very own fresh eggs in the morning. If you want a pet that requires slightly less work, look at adopting a tortoise; these creatures are amazing and are especially good for children. Finally, why not complete the farmyard vibe by getting a couple of micro pigs. Everybody loves micro pigs!

Ferrets, Ferrets, Ferrets
People underestimate just how much fun ferrets are. They’re essentially like little dogs: inquisitive, playful, easy to look after, and you can even take them on walks! And then let’s not forget that hard to ignore trait that all ferrets have: they’re so darn cute. If you’re looking for an awesome pet that’ll melt your heart, go for the ferret. 

As this shows, there’s much more to pet ownership than just the usual cats and dogs. Every family goes for these two animals: opt for something different, and it could be extremely rewarding. 

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