Keep Your Employees Happy For Better Business

At some point or another as a boss, you will notice a slump in your employees moods and motivation. This might be due to personal issues, or stress in general, but it can affect the way they work in your office. To make your employees happier,you could offer healthcare, days off and even allow them to bring a pet to the office. To help motivate your employees and bring back that spark for which you hired them in the first place, there are some things you can provide and do for them.

Hold An Office Sports Day
Wait until the end of the month and pit your employees against each other to win a prize: it could be a trophy from, some chocolate or the best desk in the office. Play games like ruler javelin, chair racing and desk table tennis to bring back that banter and fun atmosphere to your workplace.

No Official Work Hours
Some companies such as Netflix don’t track work hours and holidays. They only track what work gets done, and if an employee is able to complete work in half the time, then they get the extra time off. It invokes trust between manager and employee and is a very modern way of looking at the working world. More companies may begin to adopt this strategy.

Time Off
Life isn’t all about work, it’s about play too. If you have an employer who is willing to give you lots of holidays, then you are more likely to be happier. It’s simple, being able to stay at home and spend time raising your family will make you a happier person, and happier people are more motivated to work harder. On top of your standard allowance, why not add in extras such as Christmas off, birthdays off and extra days in the summer.

Focus on Family
Family is the most important thing in anyone’s life, and it is important that as an employer you are able to notice that. Giving paid maternity and paternity leave proves that you don’t discriminate against the parent to be, and offering time for parents to go and see their child’s dance recital or performance is also something which will make your employees respect you more.

Food for Thought
It can be a huge drive for employees if you send them off to conferences and speeches now and again to learn more about the industry and business in general. They will return with a vigour and thirst for learning more, and will be able to put their newly found skills to the test.

On-site Health Services
As a company, you want your employees to be looked after as much as possible. Offering health services to your employees will guarantee that loyalty and make them respect you much more in turn. Offering medical services, mental health services and physical therapists to your staff will make them much happier and allow them to stay fit and healthy while they are in your care. It will take a huge weight of your employees shoulders and allow them the safety net of good medical care when they need it the most. 

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