Obvious Signs You're Reaching Middle Age!

Did you know that there are debates forming that discuss how old ‘middle age’ actually is? Some people believe middle age begins in your thirties, others believe it starts in your fifties. There’s no ‘right’ answer to the question itself, because as it is often quoted, age is but a number. When you’re a child, people tell you firmly to act your age, but when does that end?
Growing older is not an option for anyone and if you are fortunate enough to be touring http://eastleighcarehomes.co.uk then you should count yourself lucky that you made it that far. Growing up, however, is optional and you don’t have to start acting middle aged just because you get that far. There are many signs you’ve left your youth and have reached the ‘middle’ part of life, and you don’t have to have a mortgage, a family and a dog named Rover to prove you’ve got there. Middle age is often looked upon as the time where people freak out about losing their younger years and approaching the years of old age and infirmity. It’s a shame that this is how it is looked upon, given that middle age is supposed to be the time you enjoy your achievements so far and start reaching toward goals you dream about. There are many signs that you’ve reached ‘middle age’, and we’ve put a few of them together for you here. If you find yourself nodding along, congratulations, you’ve arrived!
  • That spare tyre you have fought off your whole life is currently making itself known somewhere around your middle.
  • You find yourself at the doctor's far more regularly than ever before.
  • You no longer go for the brightly coloured skyscrapers when shoe shopping. ‘Sensible’ has become the new fashion.
  • You flipped out when you first noticed those grey hairs sprouting through. Now? Cruella De Ville is a fashion and hair icon.
  • If someone invites you out for a film and it starts at 10pm rather than finishes then, that’s far too late.
  • You catch yourself panicking when you realise 2002 was, in fact, 15 years ago instead of 5.
  • The nostalgia about the Walkman is very, very real.
  • You start planning out a schedule to go jogging every morning, and then you remember that sleep is a precious commodity and should not be replaced.
  • Bars and clubs that you would usually have been clamouring to attend are now far too loud. You only wanted a quiet drink and a chat!
  • You’ve started to watch your food intake, because those fast food fries are no longer a good and nutritious option for lunch.
  • One day you could see just fine. Now, all of a sudden, you’re wearing glasses and can’t manage the drive to the supermarket without them.
  • You lose your keys on a daily basis, even though they are always in the same place.

Reading this list shouldn’t frighten you, nor should it make you worry. Approaching middle age is a privilege, so don’t go nuts with a sports car and extreme diet. You’re still young. Just not on the outside.

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