Tasks Small Businesses Should Outsource

You might fancy yourself as capable of running a one-man show with ease, but most of the time as entrepreneurs we set ourselves to many tasks which we simply cannot complete. Instead of running yourself into the ground with your hands being pulled in every which way, why not consider outsourcing some menial and complicated tasks to save you the trouble? It will make your life easier and leave you with more time to focus on the main part of your business.

1. Logistics Coordination
One huge chunk of running a business is supply chain, and logistics is at the heart of the operation. You might think that simply whacking a stamp on an envelope and sending your products out is enough but when you are dealing with large volumes of stock, the process becomes a lot more complicated. Why not leave it to the professionals?

2. Answering Your Phone and Making Appointments
If having a virtual assistant to make your appointments is great enough, you can also get yourself a virtual receptionist too! Make your business feel more professional by having a receptionist take calls for you and send messages on when needed.

3. Market Research
If you are trying to figure out what content is trending around the world, or need to research legislation to do with the product you manufacture, get someone else to do it for you. Dedicated market researchers all over the world will be able save you time and get the answers you need. 

4. Graphic Design and Content Creation
If your website has a blog, you might not have the time to keep writing fresh content each week to put on there, instead you can hire freelance copywriters to do the job for you. You’ll be able to have fresh, engaging content on a regular schedule to fit your business and drum up interest. If you feel that designing social media content, postal flyers and infographics is not your forte, hire a virtual graphic designer who will be able to create media for you in line with a brief.

5. Web Design and SEO Management
Although there are ways of making your own website and configuring your domain yourself, it will be much less stressful to hire a designer to do it for you. You’ll be able to take advantage of business IT support, and have an input in the layout of your website, not having to follow a pre-made template. Once the website is completed, you could invest in SEO specialists to help increase your ranking on search engines and optimise your content for the target audience you have in mind. It will ensure that you content is full of the relevant keywords, and that your company reaches the right people who will want to work with you or purchase your product. You could do all of this yourself, but it can be complicated and involve HTML work, so leaving it to the professionals is a better option. 

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