The Essential Equipment All Small Holdings Should Have

Life on a small holding farm is never dull. There is always something to do, somewhere to go or some animals tend to. With so many different tasks and projects to undertake, it becomes really important to have the right equipment and tools to help you get through each day. You never really know exactly what is going to go down on a day on the farm, but with these equipment pieces and tools, you’ll never struggle to get the work done. 

Livestock Trailer 
For the small holdings that have a selection of animals, it’s really beneficial to have a livestock trailer. Having a livestock trailer gives you the freedom to safely and successfully move animals from one location to another, without having to worry about any sheep trotting away from you. You often find that moving animals from field to field, paddock to yard and so on can be a challenging process, especially when you only want to move a select few. A livestock trailer will help you to get them from A to B without you having to spend hours herding them or guiding them across roads or other fields. 

Compost Piles 
Whilst this may not be a specific piece of equipment, it’s a very, very useful feature for your smallholding. Compost piles are the most environmentally friendly feature that will enable you to produce feed for plants and soil, whilst also preventing too much waste going to landfill. Place one or two tarps on the floor in a space that you have available and then you can build your compost pile there. Be sure to position it somewhere out of the way so that it can do it can be left alone, as you don’t want any animals trying to graze or tractors getting stuck due to it blocking the pathway. 

Pick-Up Vehicle 
Investing money into a pickup truck is one of the best things you can do when living on a farm. Whether you need the pickup for carting very heavy animal feed home, or you need the vehicle to take heavy tools and equipment over land to the fields, it’s really useful to have a pickup to help. Pickups are perfect for off-roading, which is almost certainly going to be needed when on a farm. They’re also strong, durable vehicles, so they can withstand the bumpy roads and beaten tracks that they’re likely to face on a daily basis. 

Fencing and Fencing Tools 
Whether it keeps the dogs in the yard, or it’s stopping the horses from making their way into your front garden, fencing is essential for any smallholding. Fencing is ideal for separating areas of the farm, giving you plenty of space to keep your animals, as well as storing the vehicles and heavy equipment. You can section off areas that will help to zone your smallholding and make it much easier on a daily basis. You then need the fencing tools too, as you don’t want to be caught out if any damage occurs to the wood. On a smallholding, you never know whether the cows are going to knock down the fence, the weather is going to cause it to blow away or the chickens are going to peck their way through the netting, so having specific fence tools on site will make it much easier for you to repair the damage, should any occur.

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