Three Ways To Recover After a Stressful House Move!

We all know that moving house is stressful, in fact it's rated as one of the most stressful life experiences a person can go through. But it's not until you do it yourself that you remember quite how true this is. Having all of your life boxed up, moving thing from A to B, having to sort a new place to live. It's certainly no walk in the park, I've just gone through the process myself a couple of weeks ago and am now at the stage where I'm breathing a sigh of relief. After a lot of stress with the letting agent and almost losing a £300 'holding fee' (where they were being difficult as I'm self employed) I'm now finally in. Unusually it's a one bedroom house but is so perfect for me, and I'm looking forward to some very happy times ahead. Now that I'm finally in and can relax, it got me thinking about some of the best ways to de-stress after going through something like a house move. If you've recently done this here are some ideas to help you chill out!

Go For a Spa Day
If you get the chance for a spa day it's the perfect way to unwind. Pampering beauty treatments, holistic wellbeing, relaxing in the pool or jacuzzi and massages. If you've hurt your shoulders and back lifting heavy boxes this is a fantastic way to relax those muscles. All in all, a day at the spa is a great way to revive both body and mind. Spas like Champneys have resorts dotted up and down the country so it's easy enough to access one. A spa day is a great chance to have quality time with a partner or friend too- after chatting through your stresses and being pampered you're sure to return to your new home ready to tackle things head on. 

Stock Up on Pampering Products
Instead of a spa day, why not bring the spa to you? If you stock up on some gorgeous products like bath bombs, hydrating body butter, oils and other luxurious products it's a chance to treat your skin and hair and give it some tlc. I was sure to invest in tonnes of new candles and fluffy bath towels before I moved so I could do exactly this. The only downside to my current home is it only has a shower and no bath, and I do love a bath. Although admittedly it's been fine so far and I've not missed it as much as I thought! 

Get Organised Right Away
After you've worked hard packing and lugging boxes from one home to the next, it's tempting to take it easy with the unpacking. But living out of boxes and bags is stressful and is a quick way to make an already tense situation worse. Instead it's better to get on with it early on. Find new places for everything, hang all of your clothes up, organise your drawers and wash and iron your bedding. Put everything where it should be and you'll settle into your new home much more quickly and easily. You'll also be able to see the kinds of things you're currently missing, so you can write a list and go and get them. 

A house move is a unique opportunity for a fresh new start. You get a new blank canvas with all kinds of possibilities and it can really revive your zest for life. Try not to get too stressed, enjoy the process as much as possible and you'll be settled into your new home and life before you know it.

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