Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Conservatory Roof

If you already have a conservatory, you’ll know that it provides you with the ideal space to enjoy both your home and your garden, no matter the time of year. If not, perhaps you’re thinking about investing in the New Year. A conservatory might be a big investment, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t begin to feel dated after some time. If you’re thinking about an upgrade or are looking for some inspiration for your new build, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to keep it traditional or opt for a more contemporary design, here are a few ideas to create your ideal space.

At height with an atrium-style 
Traditional conservatories were actually built with an atrium roof (also known as lantern roofs), and even now they can have just as much of an impact. Other than providing a ‘wow’ factor, they can bring some much-needed height to smaller spaces and allow natural light and warmth into the room during the day. You might even want to opt for a glass atrium roof that has daylight control shutters, allowing light in at different intervals.

Be brave and go for glass
A completely transparent roof can be aesthetically appealing as it will not be interrupted by any of the usual supporting panels. It will also have additional benefits such as being cooler in the summer, retaining heat in winter and preventing any glare from the sun. If you’re looking for something that’s energy efficient, a glass roof is probably the ideal choice, but if you’re working on a strict budget, you might want to think again. Although glass is inexpensive to maintain, it can be pricey to install because of the aesthetic value that they provide.

Enjoy the sun with a terrace roof
Ever wanted to feel like you’re living in the Mediterranean? Then a terrace style roof is a choice that’s right for you. It incorporates terrace-style framework with glass, allowing you to enjoy the weather all year round while the structured beams will cast shadows over the room as the sun begins to set. Remember that a good quality roof will allow you to benefit from natural light while keeping you fully protected from the elements.

Smaller spaces should make it slanted
If your conservatory space is small, a slanted roof will make the room appear larger while adding a contemporary feel. Again, this roof type can be visually appealing especially when you opt for one made out of glass. For practicality, choose self-cleaning glass which will react with sunlight to break down dirt or reflective glass that will be really useful on sunny days when you want to sit back and relax in your conservatory.

You need to think – is it the wow factor you’re after or something more practical? While some roof styles can be impressive, they can be pricey so think about the budget you have to work with and what you want to use your conservatory for before you commit.

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