The Top 5 Bath Gadgets in 2017

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our house. It is where we keep ourselves clean and maintain our hygiene. Not only do we need to keep our bathrooms clean, we also need to add and ensure that our bathrooms are equipped with the latest gadgets needed in order for us to completely clean ourselves. And with today’s high-tech innovations, bathroom gadgets have surely leveled up. These gadgets will not just help you in maintaining your hygiene but also make the whole experience more fun. If you are looking for the top bath gadgets, then below are the top 5 gadgets for this year.

1. Digital and Electronic Shower
In the past, showers were only done via shower knobs and shower heads. However, today, showering can now be digital and electronic. With an electronic shower system, you can easily shower and adjust the water temperature with just a click of a button. There are also buttons that will allow you to adjust the spray power of your showerhead should you want a lighter bath. Furthermore, there are also those electronic shower systems equipped with the latest eco-friendly led lights that will add more color to your whole shower experience.

2. Electric defogger
Most people find it annoying or even frustrating to deal with a fogged mirror especially after a hot or warm shower. Bathrooms windows might help and lessen the moist which causes the fog, it isn’t still enough to completely make the mirror in our vanity tops clear. Fortunately, with an electric defogger which you can easily install behind your mirrors or medicine cabinet, it can easily suck and remove all the moist within your bathroom. Now you can freely and happily enjoy staring at your fresh face and start grooming your hair or shave your beard and moustache.

3. Bath plug
One of the most ignored but important bath gadget is a bath plug. For most people, especially those who only showers, bath plugs aren’t really a necessity. However, for people who wash their face in a sink full of water or those who spend time with their bathtubs, bath plugs are a must. Bath plugs must be compatible with the drains, it must fully occupy the hole so that water won’t be able to escape. We all know the water crisis the world is dealing with today, so better secure a high-quality bath plug for your bathroom. There are high-quality bath plugs that even have overflow caps which makes draining easier to adjust and control, so you might want to check them out at bath plugs uk.

4. Smart bath fan with built-in speaker and LED lights
Most people love to sing their hearts out while taking a bath, if you are one of these people, then a smart bath fan with built-in speaker might be the best bath gadget for you. This gadget can be easily controlled from your mobile phone. Not only that, you can even make your bathing time an instant disco party with the controllable LED lights.

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