10 Reasons To Swipe Left On Tinder

Tinder isn’t the only online dating app available but it is possibly the most popular. It’s remarkably easy to use, though we can spend an untold number of hours scrolling through profile faces, deciding on whether we should swipe right, meaning it’s a definite yes (or at least a maybe), or to the left, giving the guy a definite thumbs down. However, if you are swiping right more than you should be - perhaps because of desperation, not wanting to hurt their feelings, scared of missing a potential sweetheart - here are ten good reasons why swiping left should be your first instinct.

1. It’s not clear who he is in the picture. 
We aren’t talking about a poorly taken photo, but if he’s stood with a group of other people, you won’t be able to tell who’s who. Yes, he could be that shirtless hottie, but he could also be the man with the mullet grimacing behind his mates. Don’t know who he is? Swipe left!

2. He’s stood next to a girl. 
Who is this girl? It could very well be his sister (or a very young looking mother). On the other hand, it could be somebody he still has feelings for. To be honest, anybody who posts a pic with another girl on his profile is going to fail on this site. Unsure as to her identity? Swipe left.

3. He’s proud of his abs. 
There’s nothing wrong with him displaying his abs of course. You might even find him attractive because of them. However, if every photo is of him and his bulging physique, he may be an arrogant jerk. Then despite his muscle-training boasts, he might also be one of those guys on steroids. If muscles don’t float your boat, or you don’t want to sit on a date while he talks about them ALL of the time, it’s time to swipe left!

4. He has no sense of fashion. 
Being fashionable isn’t everything, but if he has clearly shown no care in what he is wearing on his profile, you may not want to be seen with him. We aren’t calling you picky, but if you spend time looking good for a date, yet he turns up unshaven in his t-shirt and joggers, he’s only going to show you up. Therefore, you know what to do… swipe left!

5. He doesn’t look his age. 
No matter what he tells you on his bio, if he doesn’t look his age, you probably can’t trust him. If he says he’s 25 but looks as if he is nearing 50, then you need to either check it isn’t a picture of his dad, or say goodbye forever and swipe left!

6. There are no face pics. 
You want to know what he looks like, right? However, if the only pics are of his car (or something a little more personal), your suspicions need to be raised. Who is he? Does he exist? You don’t know, so even though his car looks amazing, he may not! Therefore, take somebody else for a test drive and accelerate your search by swiping left!

7. You don’t like the look of his mates. 
He may have clearly pointed out who he is in the picture, but if his mates look like complete a**holes, you need to question why he would hang out with such losers. First impressions count for a lot, so if you couldn’t bear to be with any of those people, it’s time to swipe left before you are forced to put up with them.

8. He looks like Prince Harry. 
Not only does he look like the Prince but he might tell you he’s the Prince as well. Stop swooning for a moment and take a reality check. Another girl has stolen the young royal’s heart, so what on earth is he doing on Tinder anyway? You have probably seen one too many reveals on Catfish to be fooled by this dupester, so give him the royal wave and swipe left!

9. His job title is ‘self-employed at life.’ 
Hint: he’s unemployed. There’s nothing really wrong with this, and he may just be between jobs. However, if he is seemingly proud of his unemployed status, you need to question his work ethic. We aren’t calling you a gold digger, but you at least want him to pay for his share of the date. Swipe left!

10. He’s looking for the ‘one.’ 
If you’re looking for the ‘one’ too, then great, you are probably a match made in Heaven. However, considering you haven’t even met yet, marriage shouldn’t really be on the cards. Of course, you might only want a little fun and a casual fling, so having him get down on one knee at the end of your first date is only going to be a little awkward. So, don’t say “I do” and swipe right, ditch him at the Tinder altar and swipe left!

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