How To Deal With Things When Cancer Is Affecting a Loved One

Having a life threatening disease like cancer is devastating, and nobody should ever have to endure through the pain and sadness in their lives. Yet, millions of people each year find out that they have cancer, and even if it’s not terminal it can be an incredibly scary time of your life. It’s likely that you will have known at least one person that’s been affected by the disease, but if one of your loved ones is suffering with the disease, it can be difficult to know what to do and how to deal with everything. Here’s how to deal with things when cancer is affecting a loved one.

Don’t shy away
The news of cancer affects everyone differently, and it can be particularly difficult to take in if you find out that a loved one whom you might not see enough or that you’ve argued with now has the disease. Don’t shy away from them. Life is too short not to forgive and forget, and to also spend every moment possible cherishing your time with your loved ones. There are now care packages available from this website, which can make dealing with the disease and also treatments they have to go through much easier to bare through. Consider buying some for your loved ones to make their lives as easy as possible. 

Seek professional advice
While the news that you’ve got cancer is horrible for anyone to hear, it can also be difficult to learn that someone close to you has cancer too. Be sure to seek professional advice from your GP on coping strategies, and even other treatments like therapy or medication to help you through this difficult time.

Learn everything you can to help
Knowledge is power in all aspects of life, so learning everything you can about what type of cancer your loved one has and also side effects, treatments and other things to expect will help both you and your loved one through this period in your lives. Knowing what to expect can also help you settle your mind as much as possible.

Look after yourself
It’s understandable that it’s hard to think about your own wellbeing when someone close to you is suffering, but the key to remaining the strong person that they need is looking after yourself. Make sure that you’re eating enough and getting enough sleep so that you can be there for them when they need you the most.

Don’t do it alone
Finally, don’t try and do everything alone. Much alike the last point about looking after yourself, nobody can handle everything and at some points you will need the support of someone else too. Have another family member or friend to fall back on when you need it. 

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  1. This was a post that is very close to me, my mom is a breast cancer survivor. Let me tell you dealing with this in my early 20's was horrible, not just that no one of my friends had no one in their family close to them in the same situation or knew how to help. I'm the only child so it was really hard some days, but I had great neighbours that would get me out of the house just to get out and if I needed to talk I would or we would just walk. One thing I can truly say is if you feel alone or you think you're going down the rabbit hole, go out with friends and have a laugh it's ok to forget the shit help clear your mind. Spend as much time with that person as well, sometimes even to make their day a better one can make it all better.