How to Find the Best Wedding Band for Your Big Day

Music is essential to any celebration. It can liven the mood and set the tone for the entire event. Your wedding is no exception. Having great music will set the right ambiance for you and your guests. If you are not from the music industry, finding a live band might be something of a challenge. Follow these steps to ensure that you find the best band and book them for your wedding. 

Start your research early 
Start your search for your wedding band as early as possible. Popular bands may be booked for months in advance so having a shortlist of who you want to play at your wedding will help ensure that they are available on your big day. 

Search for options near you 
Searching for wedding bands online can give you a lot of options even if you don't know anybody in the music industry. When doing your research online, make sure you include your location to narrow down your options to bands near you. For example, searching for 'Wedding bands in Scotland' or 'Scottish wedding bands' instead of just 'wedding bands' will help you get better results. You can also include the city where your reception will be to get more specific. The closer your wedding band is to your venue, the easier it is to book them and work with them. Searching for bands that usually play within your location also helps with the transportation and accommodation costs. 

Ask your wedding planner for recommendations 
If you are working with a professional wedding planner, there is a good chance that they have already worked with a lot of wedding bands and performers. Getting their recommendations is valuable not only in gauging the skill level of the bands, they can also give you a solid first-hand review in terms of professionalism. Other wedding providers can also help you find the best band to play at your wedding. Ask for recommendations at your wedding venue, from your caterers, and from other wedding professionals. 

Listen to their music 
When you have made a short list of the wedding bands who you want to play at your wedding, make sure to check them out. A lot of wedding bands upload their performances online. For example, Franco, a Glasgow wedding band showcases their performances on their website. Watching their performance can give you a good idea of their talent, the genre of music that they are good at and if they are a good fit for your wedding. 

See them perform live 
If the band you are eyeing for your wedding is playing near you, make a night out of it and see them perform live. A live performance will not only let you gauge their musical skills, it can also give you an idea on how the band interacts with their audience. It is very important to hire a wedding band who knows how to read a room and engage the crowd. Attending their live gig can also give you the opportunity to introduce yourself and ask for their contact information.

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