Shopping Is Actually Very Good For You- Here's How!

There is a lot to be said for therapy when life gets tough. Having someone to vent to when the going gets tough is amazing – especially if said someone is a neutral party in your life. If you’re not up for talking when you’re feeling down, though, you may engage in other types of therapy. Some people like to workout and process their sadness. Some people sadly turn to gambling in the vain hopes that they can change their lives with a roll of the dice. Then there are the others – mainly women – who turn to the stores. Clothes. Jewellery. Make-up. Whatever it is, if it feels good to use it and it can be bought, then buy it they shall. It’s called retail therapy for a reason; the purchase you make for something very indulgent gives you a rush of adrenaline, and that adrenaline can be rather addictive! Sure, ‘stuff’ is purely material and while it won’t make you happy in the long term, it looks pretty good in the short term and that’s the time of your life you’re trying to make yourself feel better for. There are some very therapeutic benefits of going shopping, and we’ve got four of those genuine reasons below.

Life is full of transitions, and whether you are using retail therapy to ease the pain of a divorce or you’ve had a change of career and need to shake your wardrobe up, it can really ease that transition. We shop for a dress when we get married. We shop for a nursery when we are expanding our families. These big life changes see people turn to stores and taking credit cards with cash back to get the most for their money. Life is transitioning, and transitioning requires new shoes!

Have you ever started a new job and realised you need an entire wardrobe overhaul? Well, retail therapy can help to boost your confidence and get you pumped for your new role. It’s amazing, how clothes and make-up can have an effect on our psyche, but they do. They just make us feel brand new and like we can take anything on.

A big part of shopping is upgrading, whether that’s your home or your clothing. Upgrading can make you feel important, which makes you act more assertively. Retail therapy gives you a chance to see how you can make your home a much more decorated, stylish place, which in turn makes you happier. It can also give you a feeling of superiority and security – which everyone needs every now and then.

The rush you feel when you find the perfect outfit is the same rush as a first kiss. It makes you feel good and it makes you want more of it. Escaping away from your dreary work day to the delights of ASOS and other online stores can make you feel as if you have refreshed your brain a little bit. It’s something we all need from time to time.

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  1. Shopping is one of ways to relax myself when i am depressed.
    But after wake up next morning, i still in the trouble but also my money leave me away, so sad!
    Kiss Prom ~ ~