We Are Young (In Spirit): The Post-Mid-Life Tune-up

When we are young, we have the whole of our lives in front of us, and we have exciting plans for the future, everything in our wildest dreams could come true. But, as we slowly start to get older, we become embittered as everything begins to stop working. Middle age is one of those times where you either begin to embrace getting older, or you fight against it. And while lots of us have a midlife crisis, what happens when we get past it? So, here is a couple of the common problems people experience after middle age.

The Physical Decline
This has to be addressed because we feel that there is nothing we can do about our physical symptoms, but the fact is, we can, it's just that we need to do a little bit more to counteract the negative effects. Many people are bucking the trend when it comes to approaching 60, 70, or even older than that, but still maintain a youthful physique. You can do this by building a workout routine that serves to improve your motor function, rather than impede it. This means you should focus heavily on strength training, which improves bone density as well as your muscles.

Looking After Your Mindset
As we start to become forgetful, and the all too real prospect of cognitive decline rears its ugly head, you may feel concerned that there is no way back. It can feel a little too close to home when we see the people we love go into nursing homes because we are unable to care for them anymore, which is why you need to implement a two-pronged attack on your mindset. The first thing you need to do is to exercise your brain, as you would exercise your muscles. This is all about the basics: a healthy diet, and training your brain. Remember, your mind is a muscle, and it is predominantly made of water and fat, so keep yourself hydrated, and overindulge in the healthy fats, which is why the Mediterranean diet has been shown to be beneficial for people later in life. As well as training your brain, you need to look after your frame of mind, and as we get older, the symptoms of anxiety and depression can creep in. The important thing to remember is that these are all symptomatic, and they can be treated, it's just about finding the right treatment for you. Some people treat their anxiety with breathing techniques, such as Buteyko breathing, and some go for enriching their life so that they feel happier. You should live your life to the fullest, and for every single one of us, this is a different thing. So do what makes you happy.

After middle-age, we can begin to feel a bit more conscious of our mortality. The one lesson in this is that life is precious, and you should do everything you can to enjoy it, but also, make sure you have no regrets. When we see our loved ones age, and go into nursing homes, and eventually pass on, only then do we really think about the futility of life. So, make your life count.

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