Workplace Fashion and Generation X: What to Wear

Confidence comes from within, but wearing the right business-ready outfit helps get you geared up for the day ahead. But how are we meant to dress for the modern workplace? Gone are the days of formal suits, smart blouses and monochrome colour palettes. Today, office outfits are designed to suit our busy social lifestyles, which means wearing outfits that take us from work to play without needing to change. But, balancing professionalism and personal style is difficult. Here to give us a few pointers on how to dress to impress at work is QUIZ — leading retailer of stylish occasion dresses.

Jeans and denim fashion
A few years ago, many professionals would never put denim in their work wardrobes. But today, denim is a key player in the office outfit — as long as you style it right. For example, slashed jeans and grungy denim shirts are probably a no-no. But keeping it classic with plain denim in a darker wash is ideal for giving a more formal vibe. So, what do you wear your denims with? Pair your jeans with a smart-casual shirt and wear with flats and a chic blazer to ensure a polished look. Before you start creating your perfect jeans outfit for work, it’s worth double-checking that denim is part of your company’s dress-code to avoid any fashion faux pas!

Trousers for the perfect office-ready look
There are lots of trouser styles you can wear to get a flawless business-prepared look that helps you work and walk with confidence day after day. Tapered trousers with smart flats offer a stunning, figure-hugging silhouette that’s perfectly suited to day-to-day wear. Throw on high heels for those important meetings. How about culottes and frill hem trousers for a casual-professional look? These are available in a range of bold styles, so make sure you opt for subtle prints and colours, like classic checks and stripes, to ensure your outfit isn’t too daring. So, once you have your trouser style picked out, you need to start working on the top half of your outfit. For a casual look, wear your trousers with a plain t-shirt and slouch cardigan, then tuck the hem of your top into your trousers at the front. For more formality, swap the t-shirt for a ruched blouse.

Dresses for a business mindset
There are so many different styles of dresses, so this clothing type is perfect if you like to decide how dressed up or dressed down you want to be on a daily basis. However, you need to consider how formal your company’s dress-code is in order to know what range of styles you’re playing with. For formal workplaces, choose a plain midi dress and avoid lace, bold prints and very bright colours- wearing any of these can give a ‘night-out‘ effect! If your office is more laid-back, you have scope to go more casual. Jumper dresses will work well through autumn and winter when paired with tights and ankle boots, while shirt dresses are another great choice for warmer days.

Professional shoes for the modern worker
Often last but should never be forgotten, deciding on the perfect footwear is crucial to polishing off the ideal office-prepared outfit. Boots are ideal for keeping you looking chic and feeling prepared during autumn and winter. Over-the-knee designs teamed with jumper dresses and tights is an on-trend, office-appropriate look, while heeled boots are also a great formal option. When we’re inside, many of us prefer to wear flatter styles that cover less of the foot. Loafers are smart and stylish, which means that they’re perfect to wear with trousers, dresses and jeans. You’ll need black loafers for an office, and it’s wise to invest in a nude pair, too. Of course, every woman needs a stylish pair of heels at her disposal — although a sensible heel is a must. Mid-heeled, closed-toe shoes are the perfect choice, and strappy sandals with wide-leg trousers are perfect if you want to create a chic ‘day to night’ look.

How we dress for work is always changing, so bear these tips in mind the next time you’re sorting out your workwear wardrobe.

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