Freelancers, Bloggers and Home Business Owners: Here's Why You Need Your Own Office!

If you work from home in any capacity, whether it's as a freelancer, blogger, running a home business or anything else- having your own space to work from is essential. Your own office is more than just a luxury, in many cases it can be the difference between success and failure. So if you've recently made the transition from a workplace to your home (or you're thinking about doing so) here are some of the reasons you need to set up a proper home office!

It Keeps Life and Work Separate
When you work from home, it's so easy for the boundaries to become blurred. You can find yourself answering emails on the school run, doing admin work in bed and brainstorming ideas while cooking or eating dinner. Over time this can lead to burnout, as it feels like you never fully get a break from work. Instead of it consuming your entire day, set working hours and work only from your office. Once you're done for the day, close the door behind you and allow yourself to switch off. You'll return to your projects the next day feeling well rested and with fresh eyes, making it easy to spot mistakes and generally be more productive. 

It Can Keep You Focused
When you have working hours and a space dedicated to getting stuff done, this can help you to be more focused. Keep the room distraction free- no tv, you could even switch off your phone during work hours if you find that you're constantly picking it up. You know that when you enter this space it's a time for work, not messing around which can get you in a good frame of mind. 

It Helps To Keep You Organised
Having a space to keep all of your work related items together is helpful. If you run a home business for example, you have space to store stock (or the products you make). As someone that works from home you're likely to have paperwork, equipment and other items for your job. Having a separate space for these things means there's no risk of them getting jumbled up with your personal items or being moved by family. You know where everything is when you need it. 

Doing Up Your Office
The aim is to create a working environment that's calming and allows you to focus your mind at the task at hand. Clean, neutral walls, a sturdy desk, good storage systems and efficient lighting are all crucial. Psychologists have shown that live plants can help people be more productive at work, so not only are these a good way to decorate but they could allow you to work better too! If you're lucky enough to have a spare bedroom at home then creating an office is easy, but there are other options if you haven't. You could extend up into your loft or renovate your basement if you have one. Another great option is to have a garden room built, you can find garden buildings for sale from GBC Group. Theyre built more quickly than a traditonal extension and you usually don't need planning permission. What's nice about something like this is it's separate from the house while still being close to home. So you really do get the distinct work/ home feel.

More of us than ever are able to work from home these days, and if you do too then consider setting up your own space. Work from home is still work after all, and needs to be treated with the same focus and determination that you would in an office, shop or anywhere else. 

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