How Useful Can CBD Dog Treats Be For Your Pet?

If your pet is suffering from a critical illness such as schizophrenia, arthritis, diabetes, depression, and epilepsy- dog treats containing CBD could be a surprising way to effectively treat them. However, the list of diseases that this natural oil can help with isn't exhaustive, and research has shown it to be useful for lots of different illnesses that our precious pets can be struck down with. Research around the world has proved that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and therefore can potentially relieve your pets from multiple ailments even including things like cancer.

CBD is a product of Cannabis plant. The plant produces many other chemicals such as flavonoids, phytocannabinoids, and terpenoids. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a cannabis compound- but not marijuana. It's all natural, and doesn't have any known side effect to date other than some drowsiness- just like antibiotics and other medicines like Benadryl can cause. The way it works is that CBD counters the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) that is responsible for the psychological effects of cannabis on your pets. For this reason dog treats containing CBD can be used safely and without adverse effect on your pets at home to improve illnesses. The research states that CBD is non psychoactive, and its use is even safe in high doses. A simple recognition of the truth means that the popularity of CBD-rich treats is growing worldwide, with many vets being an advocate in favour of using it as a treatment.  

When we hear the word cannabis it conjours up all kinds of negative connotations surrounding drug culture, and your instant reaction might be to think that it's unsafe- especially for your pet. But CBD oil and marijuana used for recreational purposes are completely different. Think about it, even heroin, one of the most damaging and addictive drugs in the world is made from poppy seeds- and that doesn't mean your poppy seed bagel is unsafe! The way the plant is processed and the way the chemicals are used makes all the difference here.

When our pets are ill and suffering it can be heartbreaking. While vet treatment is great these days, many of the powerful drugs used are expensive and have severe side effects. Something like this could be used instead, or alongside other treatments. Speak to your vet and take their advice into consideration.

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