Staple Wedding Gift List Items That Are Worth Asking For!

If there is one thing that makes up for the sheer amount of money you spent on finding the perfect venue, band, and caterers for your wedding, it is the joy of compiling your own wedding gift list. If only you got to provide a list of what people should buy for you on every occasion, maybe you wouldn’t have to muster a smile when your gran buys you the same ugly sweater she got you for the last three birthdays. There are plenty of ways to get a gift list out to your guests, but by far the easiest is to place one online. Companies like My Wish UK allow you to compile a list from several different brands and stores, allowing you to have useful gifts for everyone’s budget. It can be tempting to put all sorts of things on a gift list, but there are certain things that should be on your wish list and certain things that shouldn’t. Most couples these days have been living together for a while before they get married, so you may question the need to include basic things like bedding or kitchen appliances. However, quite often (especially while you’ve been saving for your wedding) you end up living a fairly thrifty life. Putting these items on your gift list allows people the chance to purchase you something that will last you a long time, rather than something that will simply do the job. Below is a list of the most popular items that appear on wedding gift lists.

There are two options when it comes to putting plates on your list: You could get a slightly more upmarket (or at least matching) set to replace the ones you have. Or you could choose to put down something a bit more expensive which you reserve for special occasions like when you’re entertaining. Think carefully about the style or patterns that you like the best, and most importantly, you will still like in the years to come.

It might be time to get new cutlery because all your teaspoons have mysteriously disappeared and you can’t buy them singularly to replace them. Or you could have a perfectly serviceable set, but just need something a bit fancier to go with the antique china plates you’ve inherited. Think carefully about what plates and glassware they are going to be displayed with so that you can make sure that it will all look presentable.

Kitchen knives
Whoever the cook is in your relationship, the chef will always tell you that everything is so much easier when you have a quality set of knives. Good quality steel can be expensive, so it makes sense to include something like this on your gift list.

Everyone will likely already have bedding, but usually, it is quite utilitarian and simply ‘does the job’. Now that you’re married, you can ask for somebody to furnish you with Egyptian cotton sheets that will have you looking forward to heading to bed every single day.

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