Stop Hoarding Junk To Live A Happier Life

Would you consider yourself to be a full blown hoarder, or do you simply have a bit of a hoarding habit? Most people hoard to some extent, but did you know that minimizing the junk in your life could actually make you a happier person? This is why many people are now choosing to turn to more minimalist lifestyles. Here’s how you can stop hoarding junk and live a happier life:

Assess The Extent Of Your Problem
First thing’s first: you need to assess the extent of your problem. How bad is your hoarding? If you’re a true hoarder, then you may have one room full to the brim with junk so bad that you can’t get in. It may even be taking over your entire home in extreme cases. This is a health and safety risk! Of course the majority of people aren’t struggling to get from room to room - they just have more junk than they’d like. The extent of your problem will determine what you do next. 

Call A Friend In To Help You
Calling in a trusted friend to help you can be great whether you have a serious problem or a small problem. They can help you to look at things objectively, and encourage you to take the next step by getting rid of your junk. If you’re struggling to let certain things go or see why they need to be let go - for example old magazines, newspapers, bottles, and other random objects, seeing a professional could be a good idea. Sometimes, hoarding is a mental problem as much as it is a physical problem. 

Get Rid Of All Duplicates
Do you really need two measuring jugs, two pairs of the same style jeans, and other things that you’re keeping just for the sake of it? Look at all your duplicates and get rid - already you will have reduced your load substantially. 

Put Larger Items In Storage For A While 
If you have a few larger items you’re not even sure you want to get rid of, self storage can be a lifesaver. Maybe you have musical instruments that haven’t been used, vintage items, or something else you don’t want to part with just yet. Put them in self storage for a while, and if you don’t miss them, you could give them away or sell them. You know then that you were just hoarding them through fear of missing them, when in actual fact, you didn’t miss them at all! 

Be Careful About The Things You Bring Into The House
As a rule, you should only ever bring things into the house if they are useful, beautiful, or both. Start to get really picky about the things you buy. Think about purchases for a while before making them. You could even endeavour to take a look at your surroundings every day and get rid of one thing to clear the place and live a more minimalist lifestyle. Guaranteed once the weight of these items is no longer on your shoulders, you’ll be far happier! 

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