The Top Features To Look For When Buying a Dog Crate in 2018

Keeping your dog safe is of great importance, especially when you are not home. Ensuring that your dog is not destroying your home or chewing on things that they shouldn’t be chewing on is a priority but so is the safety of your dog. Believe it or not, when a dog spends time in his crate, they feel comfortable and safe as it is their den. These instincts are natural and should not be overlooked as a dog owner. The Best dog crates come in all shapes and sizes. The reason for this is that there are all types of dogs that range in size, shape, and weight. This article will highlight some of the best features among dog crates in 2018. 

Locking mechanism
One of the most important aspects to your dog’s cage is the locking mechanism. Many models that are budget friendly may not have a lock that is as sturdy enough to keep the door closed. If the lock is of importance to you, take a look to make sure that the door has more than one locking mechanism. The metal on the crate should also be thick and sturdy enough for your dog not to be able to break through. It is important to note however, that some dogs are just great escape artists and will be able to find a way to break through anything. 

Paw protection
Newer models offer paw protection which can come in handy if you have a pup who will consistently try to claw at the bottom of the cage to get out. The paw protection feature includes extra wiring on the crate to prevent small paws from getting stuck or sticking out the bottom. Another great feature is that many dog crates come with a durable plastic bottom that easily slides out of the crate. This comes in handy when your dog has an accident in his crate. No longer will you need to maneuver the crate to hose it off, you can simply pull out the plastic tray, clean it, disinfect it, and slide it back into the bottom of the crate. 

Foldable and easy to transport
One of the best features of the new dog crates on the market in 2018 is their versatility and lightweight construction. The ability to easily fold up the dog crate without the use of tools is also a great feature. Many crates come with handles that you can leave on to move the crate around. 

Spacious with several doors
Dog crates are now made with more room than ever before to give your pup the ability to spread out. You can also enjoy the convenience of getting a dog crate with two or three doors which makes it easy to get your dog in and out of the cage. 

There are many great features available on a dog crate this year. If you are in the market for a new crate, you will have many great options to choose from.

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