Advertise Your Business The Old Fashioned Way

When it comes to creating a marketing strategy for your business, it is easy to focus solely on online advertising and how you can reach as many people on social media as possible in as little time as possible. However, if you are a local business, or are wanting to connect more with your customers, your target audience may call for a different approach to marketing. You may be unknowingly missing a large market by solely advertising through online advertisements and the likes of Facebook. If you want to up your profits (Source) through increased footfall, you may want to look at a few of the old-fashioned ways of advertising. Many businesses believe the traditional to be outdated, however, that is what gives this approach to marketing a competitive edge - not a lot of business will be taking advantage of these advertising options. Here are a few ways you can advertise your business the traditional way, and stand out in the competitive environment that successful businesses breed. 

Especially if you are a small local business, giving out flyers, and asking for them to be handed out by businesses surrounding you, is a great way of attracting customers. Scheduling flyers to be given out to advertise an upcoming sale event or discount evening could up your footfall a significant amount. You could even have a voucher at the bottom of the flyer that entitles the customer to a certain percentage off when they show the flyer or sign up to the mailing list. Of course, once you’ve enticed people in, it is your customer service they will come back for, so it is essential to ensure everything is impeccable for every customer that walks through the door. 

Buses and Billboards 
If there is one advertisement that is large enough to make an impression on everyone passing it is a billboard. How many times have you driven by a Coca-Cola advertisement only to fancy a Coke five minutes later? It will work the same for your business - product placement is still one of the most powerful ways to improve footfall numbers and profit. If you are more local, advertising on the local buses could be your major breadwinner. Having a new destination to head to when catching a bus to take a browse in town could mean the bus fare is not wasted for many people. It will also reach a lot of people in a short amount of time (the argument used for the effectiveness of social media) reaching everyone on the same highway or road, or stuck in the same traffic jam. 

Posters and Networking Events
Putting posters up in popular stores and on billboards, as well as going to as many networking events as possible, is going to be invaluable to your business. Shell scheme or a similar product could help you to organise a great stand to help you stand apart (no pun intended) from the crowd. Not only will this help you to connect with other businesses and potentially learn from them, but you will also be able to pick up a few customers and sales along the way - which is what really makes these events worth it. You can either network at a conference specifically designed for your business niche, or you can hire a stand at local events where you’ll be more like to connect with potential new customers. 

There you have it, a few sure-fire ways you can advertise your business the old-fashioned way, and maximise your marketing strategy potential.

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