Combining The Old And New In Marketing

The assumption is often made that businesses should constantly be moving forward when it comes to their marketing. And that’s true, however, you should also not completely forget the ‘old fashioned’ ways of doing things. It’s actually the combination of both physical and digital marketing that is going to give you that edge over your competition. The best way to be able to open up your audience and reach as many people as you can, is by using all advertising avenues open to you. You need to have a virtual and physical face to your company - you can’t hide behind a computer and a website, you will need to do interviews and put yourself out there as a personal, but professional front to your business.

Articles and Interviews 
Whether you take up the corner of a page or an entire double spread, an article in a magazine or newspaper is also an advert. And seeing how most articles are now online, they need to be able to grab people's attention as they scroll past on their news feed. Where it’s not up to you to make a grabby headline - if you don’t interview well, or if the event they are covering doesn’t fill the pages with anything interesting, the printers won’t bother putting it on display for long, and definitely not as front page material. You can have the best journalist, or hire the best writer, but if you aren’t personable then it won’t work. You need good old fashioned charm and charisma to make this work. 

When creating an advert, you want it to be original, eye grabbing and simple. When printed, readers are geared towards taking in the information before them, where online we are so conditioned towards scrolling past and need something bright to grab our eye. Printed ads can easily include small articles, explanations on the product or service, and you can even link it to your website through a QR code, you can create one here

Using a stall at a convention you can connect to potential clients in person while promoting your business. Oakmace Exhibitions build custom exhibition stands so that you stand easily out from the crowd. There’s no point buying a stall just to blend into the background. It’s also a great way to build on your brand through merchandise and public relations. 

Billboards and Posters
Think about how many posters you drive past every day; they are usually bright, simple and graphic. It catches your attention and you can get the message in a few seconds. For example, if it’s a car poster, then make sure that the car is front and centre, with nothing to distract the eye. Some of the most successful billboards are dramatic or humorous yet still stay true to the feel of the product.

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